Caroline catcher launches daring, her new beauty brand

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The influencer is now tackling the world of beauty by creating her new brand Osée. Find out everything we already know about this upcoming launch.

Caroline Receiver very quickly knew how to detach himself from his star character of reality TV. Today, she is a real business woman. After launching Wandertea – a detox tea brand -, RECC Paris – a trendy ready-to-wear brand -, it is now tempted by a whole new adventure. And this time, the young woman full of ambition tackles the world of beauty.

"2 years working on this new project with my teams, developing unique, exclusive and quality products ! " she said on her social networks. After announcing through its Instagram account the launch of a new brand called Hosea, Caroline Receiver finally gave more information regarding the products that will be sold. An index revealed in story this Wednesday evening: "My wavy signature will soon be at your fingertips ". The influencer actually has the habit of styling her blonde lengths with beautiful undulations. A wavy that she does not achieve with a classic straightener, but a very specific device. Because yes, this hairstyle can only be obtained using a curling iron with 3 heads.

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You will therefore understand, Caroline Receiver launches a brand specializing in hairdressing – which promises to be girly at will. Following the stories posted by the beautiful on Instagram, we discover some products and devices. And in particular a corrugated iron with 3 heads rose which already looks much awaited! This will obviously be accompanied by care. Caroline Receiver shared the image of different glitter oils … to enhance hair? One thing is certain, we can't wait to discover all the Osée products! And for this, we will have to wait a few more days …

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Caroline Receiver confides in her journey:

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