Caroline Cayeux, the consecration for a macronist woman recently

Livio Ferrero


After decades in political life, Caroline Cayeux became Minister Delegate for Local Authorities. After years of local anchoring, it is the return of the female politician on the national scene

The mayor of Beauvais had been in the small papers for a while, it is now official, she has joined the Borne II government as Minister Delegate for Local Authorities. Elected for more than 20 years in her town hall, she left the Parisian political scene in 2018 following her resignation from her mandate as senator combined with that of mayor. She is still president of the federation of cities of France since 2014 and president of the national agency for territorial cohesion for two years.

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Daughter of a doctor, former president of the council of the national order of pharmacists, she has made a career in teaching law and English. Her first commitments date back to the end of the 1960s when she was in charge of the cabinet of the Gaullist Yvon Bourges, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs then Minister of Trade under the presidency of Georges Pompidou. In 1981, the election of François Mitterrand definitively convinced her to engage politically on the right. She began her career as a local elected official in the Oise as a municipal councilor for Blincourt and then for Choisy-la-Victoire. After having supported the candidate Chirac in 1995, his career took a turn when Philippe Seguin called him to the executive committee of the RPR. In 1998, she became acting departmental secretary of the RPR in the Oise.

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She signed a column calling for Emmanuel Macron’s second term

For the 2001 municipal elections, the year before she created an association called “Beauvais pour tous” to help her win the election. A successful strategy since she moved to the town hall of the city and will be re-elected until today. At the same time, she participated in other elections such as in 2010 in the regional Picardy but the left won the election. In 2011, she was elected senator from Oise and the following year supported François Fillon as president of the UMP. When Nicolas Sarkozy returned in 2015, the former president who took over the reins of the party decided to appoint her national secretary for the middle classes.

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

For the 2017 presidential election, she supported François Fillon from the primary. In 2020, to be re-elected to the municipality of Beauvais, she presented herself under the Divers Right label in order to receive the support of La République en Marche. She will be re-elected and will sign a forum a year later in the JDD where she calls for a second term for Emmanuel Macron.

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