Caroline (Married at first sight) married to Axel but freezing: an expert obliged to intervene

The episode of Married at first sight 2022 ended on a big suspense last week. carolina (29-year-old concierge company manager) and Axel (30-year-old project manager and site pilot) finally met in the context of their marriage, in Gibraltar. If the young man was seduced at first sight, this was not the case for the mother of Loup-Gabriel (3 years old) who was particularly embarrassed by the fact that he was smaller. Did she still say yes to the man with whom she is 80% compatible?

Uncomfortable, Caroline used the tone of humor to hide her embarrassment. If Axel said “yes” without hesitation when he was asked the famous question, the woman in front of him thought more. After careful consideration, the mother made the decision to get married because she saw that the man in front of her was a beautiful person. She therefore wanted to give their story a chance. Once united, she has preferred not to kiss her right away. Axel gave him a shy kiss on the mouth.

For me, this union is not going very well. I had no emotion. But maybe there will be a surprising development on my daughter’s part. From now on, this experience belongs to both of them.”, said Nathalie, Caroline’s mother. The candidate explained that she would do anything to make it work between them. But when they met in the car, she focused on their differences.

Then came the time for photo session during which Caroline was not really comfortable. Just like in the evening. “In the other direction, I have the impression that they really believe in it. I did not expect that. I did not foresee this scenario. I am extremely distressed at the idea of ​​hurting him and at the idea of ​​disappointing his loved ones. I don’t have a lot of positive feelings there.” she confided. She felt like they couldn’t be more than friends. A situation that worried the experts who saw that there was “almost a rejection“. Axel also understood that something was wrong as she was distant.

Seeing what was happening, Pascal de Sutter took Caroline aside to take stock. The opportunity for the young woman to explain that she had felt nothing when she saw him. The expert made him realize that she had to give him the opportunity to prove himself to see if he might like it. And she was ready to do it. She did not hide from her husband what had just happened. They agreed to take the time and Caroline promised to be more tolerant.

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