Caroline Receveur suffering from cancer: this overwhelming reaction from her son Marlon, 5 years old: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

At 5 years old, we already have discernment. Suffering from aggressive breast cancer, Caroline Receveur fights tirelessly against the disease. Recently, the influencer revealed in Secret Story made the decision to shave his head, making his state of health visible to all, and in particular to his little one, Marlon, born from his union with the model Hugo Philip. Aware that his mother is not in the best shape, the little boy decided that he would not meet his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. His father documented the sequence via his story InstagramFriday September 22, 2023. In this series of videos, he explains having organized a surprise for his son so that he meets the Portuguese star. “Last Monday, we told him and Caro that I had organized everything and that on Friday, we were going to Saudi Arabia together for two days, to see him play and potentially meet and take a photo with CR7.” Even if his favorite footballer was finally accessible to him, realizing his dream was clearly not more important than looking after his mother. “He told us ‘I love Cristiano and I’m so happy to go but I can’t go without Mom, she needs me'”, said the former candidate of Dance with the stars.

Hugo Philip: “IHe refused to leave his mother alone.”

Hugo Philip continues: “He didn’t burst into tears of happiness, but of sadness, because he refused to leave his mother alone while she is tired and exhausted from the last cycle of treatment.” Subsequently, Caroline Receveur’s companion admitted to having been frustrated by the reaction of their son Marlon at first, then he changed his mind. “At the age when you normally only think about your mouth and you don’t have at all the maturity necessary to make this kind of decision, he decided to stay with his mother rather than go meet his idol Cristiano. And as a parent and in terms of transmitting value, it’s super rewarding.” If in these images, we can also see Caroline Receveur trying to reason with the little blond by promising to call him, nothing works. “It won’t last long, you’re leaving in the afternoon, you come back the next day, it’s just a nap”, we can hear him say, but Marlon seems determined to keep his position and stay with his mother.

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