carpooling, boiler… Two new bonuses for individuals

The government unveils this Thursday a sober plan for the country before the start of winter marked by the energy price crisis. In addition to the turtlenecks, three aids for households are planned.

It’s time to save energy. The government will present this Thursday at the end of the afternoon all the measures chosen to reduce the country’s energy consumption by 10%. If many measures of the sobriety plan concern private companies and administrations, three are intended for individuals according to information published by AFP, The world and The Parisian.

A carpooling bonus

The government wants encourage carpooling and will offer a bonus to motifs that are part of a dedicated platform. The amount of this bonus could reach 100 euros but this figure has not been confirmed by the various ministers concerned, Matignon, Energy Transition and Transport. A carpooling plan should also be presented in the coming weeks.

If you are already a fan of the practice, your employer can cover part of your expenses in the same way as if you were using public transport. The exemption ceiling for the sustainable mobility package rose to 700 euros this summer.

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An aid for the installation of a thermostat on boilers

The State will finance new aid of up to 65 euros per household if you install a programmer on an existing boiler to adjust the temperature more precisely according to the time of day and whether or not you are present at home.

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According to a study by the Hello Watt comparator, lowering the temperature of the water heater between 55 and 60C saves 20% on the annual cost of hot water, for example. Careful monitoring of its consumption also makes it possible to earn up to nearly 200 euros per year.

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Revaluation of the telecommuting allowance

The telecommuting allowance for civil servants should be increased by 15%. This aid would thus go from 2.50 2.88 euros per day. The government will motivate private companies to adopt the same strategy but it cannot force them.

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