Carrefour raclette cheese recalled throughout France

400 gram trays of the Carrefour Original brand could contain traces of listeria.

With the arrival of autumn, make way for the first raclettes. But pay attention to the references of your cheese. That of the Carrefour Original brand, sold in 400-gram trays, is recalled throughout France. In question, a risk of contamination with the bacterium Listeria.

The batches affected by this massive recall have been on sale since August 23 in Carrefour stores and were removed from the shelves at the start of the week. On its website, Rappel-Conso specifies that “only products bearing the stamp FR 22 061 015 CE are concerned“.

If you own this product, do not consume it and bring it back to the store where you will be reimbursed. Conversely, if you have eaten this cheese and you suffer from a fever, with or without headaches, you should quickly consult your doctor. Pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly should be particularly careful because listeriosis can be dangerous for this public.

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