Cat saves 83-year-old human from ravine


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In the region of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, an octogenarian who fell into a ravine was rescued thanks to the intervention of her cat named Piran.

Some heroes definitely don’t wear a cape. Although in this specific case, the hero who saved the life of an 83-year-old woman is more a fan of natural fur than leotards. In the country town of Bodmin, Cornwall, it was the local police who congratulated a black cat, Piran, for coming to the aid of his mistress.

On Saturday August 14, 2021, Tamar Longmuir, 38, learns that her octogenarian neighbor has disappeared. Very quickly, the whole neighborhood went looking for her in the surrounding fields, hoping to find her safe and sound. According to her testimony to Sky News, Tamar Longmuir has repeatedly seen her neighbor’s black cat, Piran, meowing continuously from the gate of a neighborhood cornfield.

“This cat is very attached to his mistress. He was going back and forth between the gate and the cornfield without stopping, continuing to meow very loudly. So I decided to search in this area, explains the 30-something. I went to the end of the field calling out his name and heard a barely audible response. It was there that I understood that my neighbor had fallen to the bottom of a ravine that was well 20 meters deep. “

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Video by Benjamine Rombhot

A fall of 20 meters

The 83-year-old owner of Piran had gone past the barbed wire that encircled the field and then fell into the void, landing in the water at the bottom of the ravine. She stayed there for several hours according to Tamar Longmuir. Fortunately, the authorities, firefighters and an ambulance quickly arrived on the scene and were able to helicopter the victim. Upon learning of the vital role played by the little cat, the local police were pleasantly surprised and wanted to congratulate him online.

After being taken to the nearest hospital in the air, the victim was able to return home and is feeling very well. There is no doubt that Piran was able to enjoy a nice reward, the most important being to have found his favorite human safe and sound.

Piran, the hero of the day:

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