Cat with four ears: Genetic peculiarities make “Midas” a star

Cat with four ears
Unusual look makes cat an internet star

Cat with four ears: Midas became very famous for its double auricles


Midas the cat has two pairs of ears from birth – and with its unique appearance has won the hearts of its fans around the world.

Twice as much space to scratch her behind the ears: Cat “Midas” actually has a total of four ears that adorn her head and thus a truly unique look. So, if we’re correct, she actually only has two ears, the auricles of which are doubled due to a genetic peculiarity – but with these cute shots it becomes clear at a glance why Midas has now become a real celebrity as “The Cat with Four Ears” on Instagram has become.

Cat with four ears: from the street into the spotlight

Her owner knew at a glance that she absolutely wanted to give this little cat a home: “We never wanted to buy a cat, we just wanted to save a street cat and take it in with us,” she told the Huffington Post. Many people were disturbed or even frightened by the double ears, but now she has found a loving home – and by the way achieved world fame.

That’s why the cat is called “Midas”

And what’s up with the name for this cat? When most of us think of “Midas”, we immediately think of the king, whose touch turned everything into gold. But fewer people know the second part of the story, in which Midas is punished with dog-ears by the god Apollo – and so is not unlike this cat. And she clearly has the “golden touch” on Instagram, where she has now accumulated over 82,000 followers.

What does the vet say?

Of course, a veterinarian also thoroughly checked whether the genetic peculiarity might also pose a risk to the cat. But no need to worry: your health is not affected by the double ears – but your self-esteem is all the more so since she became such a big star on Instagram. In the video you can get an idea of ​​what the four-ear cat’s everyday life looks like!

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