Catalans want independence from Spain

According to the separatist citizens’ movement of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), which, like every year on the Catalan national holiday, called Diada for the march through Barcelona, ​​around 400,000 people took part. The police, however, estimated the number at only 108,000, as the newspaper «La Vanguardia» reported. That was significantly fewer than in the years before the corona pandemic, when in some cases more than a million people took part.

Separatist spokesmen reaffirmed their demand for self-determination on Saturday. They want their region to be independent and separate from Spain. At most, the central government wants to grant more autonomy. It is highly unlikely that Spain’s socialist head of government Pedro Sánchez will approve a referendum on independence. In addition, the Spanish constitution does not allow such a referendum. The population of Catalonia is divided. According to surveys, about half want independence, the other half don’t.