Catastrophic fire – only a ruin remains of the popular local supplier

The people of Metnitz lost their popular supermarket with the major fire. The future is now uncertain.

After the major fire in Metnitz, in which the Spar supermarket went up in flames on Wednesday evening and two people were injured, the residents are asking themselves: what will happen next? There is a second shop in the village, where around 500 people live, but over the past three decades the Sparmarkt has won over numerous regular customers with its range and with the farmer’s corner, where producers from the valley offer goods. Avoid the market in FriesachThe popular entrepreneur also runs the savings branch in Friesach on the main square. “We’ll probably write a shopping list now and drive to Friesach once or twice a week,” explains a man from Metnitz, who wants to cover the 17 kilometers in one direction. The cause of the fire is still unclear whether the work carried out on the roof of the market led to the fire could have is not yet clear. The fire investigators from the police were already at the ruins on Thursday, where the fire brigade is still keeping watch – a painful moment for entrepreneur Johann Krabber. How and whether things will continue at the Metnitz site is still open. “I was already in contact with Spar. The municipality is interested in the continuation of the market, but it is still too early to make a decision,” says Mayor Peter Grabner.
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