“Catch”: This is what the audience can expect in four new shows

This is what viewers can expect in four new shows

Singer Pietro Lombardi (left) and presenter Oliver Pocher will also be featured in various new “Catch!” Editions.

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“Catch!” returns with four new editions. Pietro Lombardi, Cathy Hummels, Oliver Pocher and Luna Schweiger are fighting for the title.

The event sports show “Catch!” (Sat.1) returns in the coming year with four new issues. Presenter Andrea Kaiser (39) also leads through the fifth season, as the broadcaster announced on Wednesday. Also on board are commentator Jan Platte and field reporter Simon Pearce (40).

Channel boss Daniel Rosemann (41) confirmed that Luke Mockridge (32) will not be there on Monday in an interview with the company’s own “Topbox” magazine. After allegations of rape and increased media coverage, Luke Mockridge withdrew and resigned on September 24th on Instagram on, his artistic “break for an indefinite period of time [zu] extend”.

Pietro Lombardi, Cathy Hummels, Oliver Pocher and Luna Schweiger at the start

Singer Pietro Lombardi (29), presenter Cathy Hummels (33), presenter Christian Düren (31) and pop singer Wincent Weiss ( 28) as team captains in the race for the title of fastest catcher in the country.

Wincent Weiss will then also be in “Catch! The European Championship in Catching 2022” (February 4, 8:15 pm, Sat.1), as confirmed by the broadcaster spot on news. His team fights against the teams of the captains Larissa Marolt (29), Lilly Becker (45) and Evelyn Burdecki (32) for the coveted title.

“Catch! Battle of the Continents 2022” (February 11th, 8:15 pm, Sat.1) will be hosted by Oliver Pocher (43), ex-professional footballer Hans Sarpei (45), presenter Melissa Khalaj (32) and actress Luna Schweiger (24) with their athlete teams from different countries.

World premiere of the “Catch! Academy”

The fourth show is scheduled for February 18th. There is the world premiere of the “Catch! Academy”: The four trainers TV journalist Jenke von Wilmsdorff (56), ex-art tuner star Fabian Hambüchen (34), the British dancer Nikeata Thompson (41) and the former ski jumper Sven Hannawald ( 47) coach a team of the most talented young athletes who compete against each other in the catch competition.

Here, too, it will be exciting again: Who has the best coaching qualities? And whose team will win the first “Catch! Academy” title?


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