Catches? These home remedies will only make symptoms worse

These home remedies and tricks make symptoms worse

Are you tormented by a cough and runny nose? Then don’t use these home remedies!


You swear by grandma’s home remedies? Unfortunately, not everything that has been tried and tested is always really “good” – some things are even really dangerous.

We’re in the middle of the cold season. And if your nose is runny, your throat is scratchy and you are woken up by a cough every night, everyone is using supposedly tried-and-tested home remedies or tricks that are supposed to help against the common cold.

You should stay away from these home remedies

But some of the particularly popular home remedies not only do not help against a cold, they can even worsen the symptoms – and become really dangerous. In the video you will learn four particularly popular anti-cold tricks that we should get rid of very quickly.


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