Catherine Jacob hospitalized because of a “stroke of fatigue”, her agent gives her news

Several days after the announcement of his hospitalization, his agent gave news of Catherine Jacob. He mentioned a big blow of fatigue, partly linked to the high heat.

The actress Catherine Jacob feel better. This is essentially what should be retained from the comments of his agent collected by The Parisian this Monday, July 24, when his health had been worrying for several days. “Reassure everyone, everything is fine” indeed explains Laurent Saury, following her hospitalization in Avignon on July 15, where she performed on the boards of the Festival Off. Several representations ofRoyal Agatha were scheduled, but since each of them was canceled from day to day before the production company of the play announced on Monday also that the residence would not finally resume. “Catherine Jacob was recently hospitalized with dehydration which caused a great deal of fatigue. His state of health does not inspire no worries we are assured in a press release from Act II.

The actress seen last year in the series tomorrow belongs to us had appeared weakened and had respiratory problems on Saturday July 15, on the stage of the Théâtre des Gémeaux. “With the temperature, she suffered a slight dehydration, but she is fine” confirms her agent, stating that she was still hospitalized to date, but that she “shouldn’t delay” to return to his home.

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Catherine Jacob expected for a shoot in September

In its press release, Act II also specifies that Catherine Jacob should leave Vaucluse soon to take the direction of the capital where she is expected on another project still kept secret. She “will soon return to Paris to prepare for a shoot in early September” they say, when she hasn’t spared herself much lately. The 66-year-old actress has starred in several plays over the past two years, including Grandpa resists by Martin Lamotte and Christian Clavier, or A strings attached by Georges Feydeau, directed by Christophe Lidon who is also behind that of the play Royal Agatha applauded in Avignon. Catherine Jacob also participated in the filming of season 7 of the series The art of crime to be found soon on France 2and to that of the film rumba life by Franck Dubosc (2022).

She is not the only personality to have suffered from the high temperatures which raged throughout the last week in the South-East quarter of France. This was also the case of Brigitte Bardot, for whom the firefighters had been asked for an intervention at her home. The husband of the star has since reassured by saying that she was doing better.


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