Catherine Lara very cash, “I was tired of disguising myself”

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Catherine Lara was a regular from the first hour of “Enfoirés”. But she turned the page, after a last participation in 2022. She explained herself by currying the new formula.

For Catherine Lara, The bastardsIt’s over. The 78-year-old singer hung up the microphone at the charity concert after a last appearance in 2022, where she notably played alongside violinist Renaud Capuçon. After thirty years of participation, she joins the ranks of personalities who openly criticize The bastards after their passage, like his ex-girlfriend, comedian Muriel Robin. Other celebrities have always refused to participate, such as Julien Doré, Mylène Farmer or Stromae. Guest on the Jordan De Luxe show on C8, Catherine Lara reconsidered her choice without mincing words.

Asked by the host of At Jordan’sthe artist replied cash: “I was tired of dressing up.” She then clarified: “I found that I looked even more disguised than the disguise. I had a feeling of being ridiculous.” Catherine Lara also strongly criticized the changes that have occurred over the years, which have led to an atmosphere and a state of mind that he liked much less : “There are wonderful moments. But it’s true that it has become a bit of a gas plant.” For her, artists no longer have time to show their talent: “At the time, I still had memories with Maurane, with Bruel, with all our friends, with Souchon… We made whole songs. We had time to express something. I remember ‘A first step’ with Bruel and Goldman. We did the whole song. There we make three sentences, and then we go outand then we come back.”

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Catherine Lara will not return

The singer’s decision is clear and recorded: she will no longer be part of the troupe. Even if she no longer recognizes herself in it, Catherine Lara sought to defend The bastards, “a great deed” according to her. “It’s to feed people who are starving. So it’s great that it exists. But artistically, I preferred my old days, she insisted. For her, her last passage in 2022 was “a little booster shot”. To start better: “I had a good time. But it’s over, it’s good.”


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