Cathy Hummels: “Battle of the Reality Stars”: These five candidates had to go to the clinic

Cathy Hummels
“Battle of the Reality Stars”: These five candidates had to go to the clinic

Some of the contestants taking part in the new season of Reality Star Clash

© © Karl Vandenhole / RTLZWEI

In July “Kampf der Realitystars” has another season. It is already known that five celebrity candidates had to go to hospital as part of the filming.

From July 14th, celebrity candidates will again face the “battle of reality stars” on RTLzwei. The shooting for the format has apparently claimed some victims of the celebrities, as is now known. Apparently five of the candidates had to be treated in a clinic as part of the shoot in Thailand.

Frédéric Prince of Anhalt (78) explained in an interview with the “Bild”: “This show really made me sick – physically and mentally.” It was “the hardest turn” of his life. In a game for the show, it was about that the celebrities should hit their heads against boards. According to the report, he suffered injuries to his head and shoulder and had to spend several days in the hospital. Fortunately, an operation was not necessary.

These candidates were also dealt with

In the case of Xenia, Princess of Saxony (34), however, there was allegedly a suspicion of a broken rib, which was later not confirmed. Silvia Wollny (56) caught an otitis media before the start of the shoot and therefore probably only joined the others later. According to the article, Gina-Lisa Lohfink (34) had meanwhile stepped into a glass and sustained a cut that apparently had to be sewn. Cosimo Citiolo (39) also suffered from such a severe sunburn that he was also treated in a clinic.

Both the production and the broadcaster have therefore confirmed to “Bild” that these incidents had occurred. In the meantime, all those affected should be fine again.

From July 14th at 8:15 pm, 25 celebrities will compete in ten new episodes every Wednesday for the title “Realitystar 2021” and 50,000 euros in prize money. Also included are “Bauer sucht Frau” star Narumol (55), Evil Jared (49) from the Bloodhound Gang, reality TV star Kader Loth (48) and luxury lady Claudia Obert (59). Cathy Hummels (33) will moderate the show again.