Cathy Hummels: First words on the scandal surrounding the depression post on Instagram

Cathy Hummels
First words on the scandal surrounding the depression post on Instagram

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Cathy Hummels is currently accused of marketing and trivializing mental illness on Instagram. For the first time, the influencer is now commenting on the criticism herself.

Cathy Hummels, 34, has had to listen to a lot of criticism in the past few days. The reason is how she deals with depression.

Cathy Hummel’s Instagram post calls the critics on the screen

Cathy actually wants to educate about depression, because she also suffered from it herself – but a luxury retreat in which she calls for using light and sun to help against depression backfired properly. Not only users were horrified, even the German Depression League complained about Cathy for “banally referring to sunlight with the serious illness depression and thus advertising her company”. Cathy is now commenting on the allegations for the first time.

“I’ve read a lot about myself in the press lately. Some things I found excessive, some things were below the belt. But some points got me thinking,” the moderator begins her statement in her Instagram story and adds: “In short : Education about depression and its sometimes catastrophic consequences for those affected is a serious concern for me. Almost a life issue.”

Support for Manuel Cortez

Although Cathy does not apologize for any possible misconduct, she does urge her to talk to her about the subject: “I’m always open to criticism and an open dialogue, so I think it’s a shame that people only talk about me a lot. Instead of talking to me. I would be happy if someone would like to have a constructive exchange.”

Furthermore, Cathy appeals: “There is not just one right way. The method of enlightenment is just as multifaceted as the disease.” Then she reposts a statement from actor and stylist Manuel Cortez, 43, who also does not welcome the fact that Cathy was judged so quickly instead of addressing her directly.

Helps with depression

Do you recognize signs of depression in yourself? At the supraregional Crisis hotline on 0800 1110111 will be helped quickly and anonymously! Further information is also available from the German Depression Aid Foundation.

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