Cathy Hummels: Happily divorced with Mats in the new year

Cathy Hummels
Happy new year divorced with Mats

Cathy Hummels

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Just before Christmas, Cathy and Mats Hummels officially ended their marriage. But even after the divorce, they remain connected and even celebrated New Year’s Eve together with their son Ludwig in Dubai.

“Divorce doesn’t have to be an end,” commented Cathy Hummels, 34, on New Year’s Eve on a series of happy photos with ex-husband Mats Hummels, 34, and son Ludwig, 4, partying in Dubai. It was not until December 19, 2022 that the couple drew a line under their marriage. Only a few days later, the two start the new year in the United Arab Emirates with their offspring.

Cathy Hummels builds friendship with Mats

“Newly Divorced Moon. Besties for life for our Ludwig [sic]”Wrote the presenter and made it clear that even after the love was over there was a strong bond between her and the soccer professional. Her child will always unite her.

A task that is probably not easy. Cathy has long kept a secret about the separation, which has long been suspected in public. When she finally spoke to the German press agency at the end of October 2022, a load must have fallen from her heart: “I thought for a long time about when and whether I should say something publicly about the breakup. Now it feels right, and the time has come.”

Separation has yet to be digested

She then put the broken love and the resulting consequences into words for the first time in her RTLzwei documentary “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning”. She later explained on her Instagram channel: “I had to ‘digest’ my divorce and the breakup.” With this step, she also made a decision for her own good, as she explained to RTL: “It was very difficult, but I have no choice. Either I choose a person and I die, or the relationship. I had to make a choice.”

Louis comes first

However, Ludwig shouldn’t be heartbroken about his parents’ failed marriage. And so that the Hummels Mini keeps his contagious smile, mum and dad try to capture shared moments of joy for the future, despite the lost love.

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