Cathy Hummels: On Instagram, she vented her anger

Cathy Hummels angry
“I really have to collect myself again for a moment.”

Cathy Hummels: In an emotional Insta story, she tells what the influencer is currently concerned with.


Cathy Hummels is rarely so angry: A great injustice between the sexes causes her to burst the collar on Instagram.

Cathy Hummels is generally rather not enthusiastic about some of the speculations that have been haunted by the media lately – and now you are bursting the collar on a completely different topic. The 33-year-old tells openly what is bothering her and what makes her angry – and why many more people should be upset about it.

Cathy Hummels: On Instagram, she vented her anger

“I really have to collect myself now for a moment,” says Cathy in her Instagram story. A short time later, she gets back and explains exactly what is causing her trouble: She is very concerned about how unfair women are Working life are dealt with and what specific losses they should accept. See in the video how angry the otherwise calm Cathy can get.

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