Cathy Hummels: Sexy outfit – but she doesn't "date" her husband

All celebrity news today in the Brigitte ticker: Cathy Hummels wears a mini dress – but not for Mats +++ in a leather dress! Leni Klum sexier than ever +++ Mareile Höppner cuts her own hair.

Celebrity news today in the Brigitte ticker

January 28, 2021

Cathy Hummel: sexy mini dress – but it's not for husband Mats Hummels

Oh, là, là, Cathy! Mats Hummels' wife, 32, has dressed up. The 32-year-old caused a stir in an ultra-mini. The influencer loves to dress up. She regularly sweetened the everyday life of her fans with sexy outfits on Instagram. Now the designer had a date – but not with her husband.

On Instagram you can see Cathy Hummels standing in front of the mirror in high heels and applying make-up. A super tight glitter dress emphasizes her legs. "Mama is getting crazy. Getting ready for a date with …" writes the mother of a son about her clip.

But who is the lucky one for whom Cathy has made herself particularly chic? At the end of the clip, the model resolves who his special rendezvous is: a delivery man! Well he will certainly hardly have believed his eyes when a radiant, sexy Cathy opened the door for him …

January 27, 2021

Heidi Klum: in a leather dress! Leni Klum sexier than ever

She was on the "Vogue" cover together with her mother, now Heidi Klums, 47, daughter Leni, 16, is photographed in "Hunger Magazine". Leni Klum is a name "that is better to remember": With these words, "Hunger Magazine" praises the appearance of the young model in the magazine. The 16-year-old has "inherited the camera presence and the appearance of her mother", it is said of Heidi Klum's daughter there. Mama Heidi couldn't be prouder!

There are several black and white photos of Rankin by Leni Klum in the fashion magazine. Among other things, she wears a black, strapless leather dress in one of the pictures, her blonde hair is styled into soft waves.

Leni's fans are over the moon with this recording, which Leni shares on her Instagram profile. "You just have the most beautiful face ever," enthuses an Instagram user. "Just wow! Very pretty girl," commented another. And a third follower says: "Insanely beautiful."

Mareile Höppner cuts her own hair

Necessity makes inventive – this is especially true for the lockdown during the corona pandemic. Many areas of social life are discontinued. Leisure activities are no longer available, but a visit to the hairdresser's is not possible for the time being. What to do if the hair is no longer presentable? Mareile Höppner, 43, lends a hand without further ado – but it doesn't quite work out as the moderator had imagined.

The 43-year-old is regularly in front of the camera for the "Brisant" magazine on ARD. Before her last TV recording, the presenter picked up scissors herself to cut the tips. On Instagram, she shows her fans her little hair experiment in various clips.

But something goes wrong, because in the end one side is shorter than the other. Mareile writes about her Instagram post: "My hair-cutting self-experiment. (…) Don't try it! I'm wrong now." The moderator can laugh at the unsuccessful experiment. "Nobody sees that, it all balances out on TV."

January 26, 2021

Cathy Hummels: Photo shows her shortly after the birth of her son

Cathy Hummels, 32, became a mother for the first time three years ago. In January 2018 she and her husband Mats, 32, welcomed their son Ludwig, 3, into the world. The 32-year-old now shared a picture on Instagram that she showed shortly after the birth of her son. She compared the snapshot with a recent recording to convey an important message to her followers.

Both recordings on the photo and video platform show Cathy in bikinis – she wrote: "There are 3 years between these two photos. The first shows me 2 months after my Ludwig was born and the second a few weeks ago at the sea. Same Cathy, but two different looking bodies, even though they are the same inside. " At the same time, she made it clear that her fans should not "choose between 1 and 2", but that the designer "really only wants to say one thing: Ladies no matter what size you are. You are BEAUTIFUL".

Cathy went on to say that she mainly does sport because it brings her balance and also calms her. Sport also has a positive effect on your health and can "make your body strong". "I love the feeling after a great workout," says the moderator, describing her emotions.

January 25, 2021

Charlotte Würdig shares intimate snapshot from bed

That’s a sight! Charlotte Würdig, 42, is not afraid to show her body on Instagram. The mother of two is today fitter than ever. But she had to fight for her body. Especially after her pregnancies, the "hammer bride" needed a lot of discipline and motivation. Her fans can admire the result on Instagram.

Her latest post shows the 42-year-old without a shell. Charlotte Würdig poses on the bed, the bedspread covers the most important parts. "I've never woken up like this," writes Charlotte as a hashtag to her post and leaves the rest to the imagination of her followers.

And they like what they see. "Wow. What a sight. Really pretty and sexy," enthuses an Instagram user. "Fantastically beautiful" says another. Celebrities are also impressed by Charlotte's posting. Entrepreneur Judith Williams, 49, for example, leaves an overwhelmed "Gorgeous" (dt: Great) there and actress Annika Lau, 41, simply comments on the sight with "Hello". With such a sexy posting, words can sometimes be lacking …

Heidi Klum shows a never before seen youth photo

Heidi Klum, 47, and Instagram belong together like day and night. Every day, the 47-year-old posts pictures of her GNTM job, her husband Tom Kaulitz, 31, brother-in-law Bill Kaulitz, 31, their kids and their home on her account. But none of Heidi's fans should have expected her latest posting – because the model has never been seen like this.

Heidi Klum looks innocently into the camera in this picture. The snapshot shows the native Bergisch-Gladbacher in her youth. With bushy eyebrows, Heidi looks a little shyly into the camera. She tied her hair in a bun. "It's been a while …", writes the model mom about the nostalgic shot.

How old Heidi was at that time, does not tell her fans. The 47-year-old also used the comment function – as with her previous postings. It's actually a shame, because the opinions on the sweet snapshot would certainly have been worth reading and the GNTM boss probably amazed some with this private recording …

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