Cathy Hummels: She inspires her fans with her bikini body


All celebrity news today in Brigitte ticker: Cathy Hummels: With her bikini body, she inspires her fans +++ Heidi Klum: Leni shows a mother-daughter picture never seen before +++ Sophia Thomalla challenges her critics.

Celebrity news today in the Brigitte ticker

January 14, 2021

Cathy Hummels: With her bikini body she inspires the fans

This snapshot makes you want to summer! Cathy Hummels, 32, makes no secret of the fact that exercise and a balanced diet are important to her. And the discipline pays off for the 32-year-old: she shows her well-trained body online – and drives her fans crazy!

"Your body is perfect", "Holy Moly" and "Hammer-Figur", these enthusiastic comments are currently collecting under a new photo on Cathy's Instagram account. The picture that makes the user so ecstatic shows the mother of a son casually at the pool: She poses in a tight bikini that perfectly accentuates her slim figure and flat stomach.

When and where the bikini photo was taken is not clear. It is quite possible that the picture shows Cathy in Dubai where she recently traveled to work. Either way, it is definitely a moment that she fondly remembers. "I said that I collect a few moments," she writes about the hot snapshot, among other things.

January 13, 2021

Heidi Klum: Leni shows a mother-daughter picture that has never been seen before

Leni Klum suddenly grew up. Together with mom Heidi Klum, 47, the 16-year-old adorns the January / February issue of "Vogue". And that is just the beginning. The teenager is already giving insights into his new projects on Instagram. Leni Klum no longer has to hide. Until recently, GNTM boss Heidi Klum always made sure that Leni's face was covered. Heidi's oldest was kept out of the media. You never saw photos of children – until now. Leni Klum now has her own Instagram account and every now and then surprises her 553,000 followers with snapshots from then and now. Now the 16-year-old has posted a cute picture of herself and her mom that was a few years ago.

In the photo we see Leni as a small child in her mother's arms, during a shoot with Heidi's good friend and photographer Rankin.

While the 47-year-old can be seen in the photo with a short page head and extensive make-up, Leni seems to have made herself up without further ado. She wears bright blue eyeshadow on her eyelids, and her forehead and cheeks are adorned with stripes of red lipstick. "Make up by Leni Klum," jokes the teenager. And mom Heidi? It adorns the nostalgic photo with a red heart.

January 12, 2021

Sophia Thomalla: With this saying she challenges her critics

Clear announcement from Sophia Thomalla, 31! The actress and presenter likes to provoke regularly with her statements and pictures online. It goes without saying that even critics do not have to wait long to express their opinion. But the 31-year-old doesn't mind negative comments on social media platforms – on the contrary: she loves her critics!

Why? The daughter of Simone Thomalla, 55, explains this on Instagram. To a great portrait of herself, in which she looks determinedly into the camera and keeps her arms crossed in front of her chest, she writes: "What really puts a smile on my face? Hate comments. While others are crying and looking for pity, be happy I wonder about the extra effort that people put into me. Let out their aggression on me. " It is a sign of love and jealousy, she explains.

The "Are You The One?" Moderator received a lot of applause for her clear statement. "You are the coolest sock among celebrities. Just keep going and don't let yourself get carried away," says one user, for example. And stars like Laura Wontorra, 31, or Evelyn Burdecki, 32, celebrate Sophia for their statement.

January 11, 2021

Henning Baum: "Most children today are effeminate"

Henning Baum, 49, has four children in total: With his ex-wife, costume designer Corinna Baum, he had a son and a daughter. He brought a son from a previous relationship into the relationship. The actor had a daughter with his new girlfriend in 2016. And how is the 49-year-old as a father? He has a very clear opinion on the subject of raising children.

"Most children today are soft, overprotected and overcontrolled," says the "Asphalt Burnung" actor. Opposite "Bild" he further explains that children are already put on a crash helmet as a pedestrian. "Girls and boys therefore have a real problem: Where should they still find adventures today? Like the challenges and dangers that they have to master so that they develop strength of character?" He explains.

It used to be different: As children, you were always looking for adventure. They "got into abandoned houses, ran through the sewer system and also made dangerous crap," recalls the native of Essen. "And meanwhile our parents didn't even know where we were."

Mads Carpendale gets creative – and Papa Wayne shows it to everyone online

They are lovers like in a picture book: Annemarie Carpendale, 43, and husband Wayne, 43. Son Mads, two, makes the couple's family happiness perfect. But even in the picture-book family, the house blessing can hang crooked. And this time, of all people, Mads could be responsible.

Just don't pay attention – and the little man has a creative idea. Mads quickly grabs his pen and "beautifies" his feet and legs from top to bottom. The offspring probably proudly shows the work to its parents. But Wayne Carpendale in particular does not seem to be impressed by his son's new tattoos.

"If I catch the one who inspired him," writes the 43-year-old about the snapshot that shows his son's fully painted legs. These include photos of Ed Sheeran, 29, Sophia Thomalla, 31, Justin Bieber, 26, Alec Völkel, 48, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, 48. The actor adds an angry emoji to the post. But it is certain that papa can also laugh at his son's joke. The only question is how long it took the Carpendales to free their offspring from the color …

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