Caution, carcinogenic: According to the test, these frozen herbs can make you ill

Caution, carcinogenic!
According to tests, these frozen herbs can make you ill

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Frozen herbs can be a welcome time-saver in the kitchen. According to Öko-Test, however, we should stay away from some varieties. As an investigation shows, some articles contain carcinogenic substances.

Well-known brands tend to lag behind in the test, while cheaper discounter variants are ahead. 17 different items were examined, including for their pesticide contamination and other abnormalities in the ingredients. This is reported by CHIP, citing the results of Öko-Test.

These brands performed particularly well

Seven brands received the grade “very good”, the five most favorable are the following:

  • Netto Bio Organic herbs Italian style
  • Kaufland K-Bio 6 herbs
  • Penny Naturgut organic 6-herb mix
  • Rewe Bio 6 herbs Naturland
  • Aldi All Seasons 8 herbs

Cost point: between 60 and 90 cents per 50 grams.

Two products are “defective”.

Six other items were rated “good”, although traces of pesticides were also found here, including the Iglo brand. One product each received the rating “satisfactory” or “sufficient”. Two herbal mixtures are also “poor” in the test and thus fail. In the Edeka organic 8 herbs the laboratory found a greatly increased value of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA). These are formed naturally by plants, but can damage the liver. In addition, it was found in animal experiments that the substance has a carcinogenic effect, according to the consumer advice center. Large amounts could be dangerous for humans, especially for children, pregnant or breastfeeding people.

At the request of ÖKO-TEST, Edeka had an expert opinion carried out. CHIP quotes from this as follows: “According to the supplier’s report, no pyrrolizidine alkaloids were detected in the raw materials burnet, chervil and cress, from which, among other things, the batch of the product tested by ÖKO-TEST was produced.”

The second defective product is the 8-herb blend by Frosta. This was noticed by an increased PA value and two pesticides. According to CHIP, the provider has already changed the recipe. Instead of the borage plant, which contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, basil would now be in the product. The new mixtures have been on the market since August 2022. When buying, consumers can make sure that they choose mixtures without the addition of borage. This reduces the risk of higher PA values, and the substance is also increased in cumin, oregano and lovage.

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