Caution hot! Heat can make pill ineffective


Do you take the pill in your pocket in the summer to keep it handy? Then you should do better – heat is poison for the contraceptive.

Even in the summer you should keep a cool head in terms of contraception . Because high temperatures and UV radiation can make the pill ineffective. Incidentally, this is also in the leaflet. Under the point “How to store the drug?”, You will usually find a temperature delivery.

Why is heat poison for the pill?

When the pill becomes too hot, the components of the contraceptive begin to separate from one another. This can lead to the fact that the contraceptive effect disappears. For example, if you leave the pill in the overheated car or purse in the summer, the 25-degree mark will crack quickly.

The stupid thing about it: You can not actually tell if the pill is still working or not. Incidentally, the same applies to condoms that harden or become brittle when exposed to heat.

How can you prevent that?

Contraceptives do not belong in the purse, but at best in the fridge. And if you travel to the south, you should definitely leave the pill in the air-conditioned hotel room. The same applies to condoms.

Incidentally, even medications, especially antibiotics, can affect the effect of the pill – any intake of medicines should therefore be discussed with the gynecologist.