Cazeneuve in support of Hidalgo

The former Prime Minister comes out of his reserve to chair the committee which will help the PS candidate, in perdition in the polls. This was also displayed with Martine Aubry, the mayor of Lille.

“We continue our work with passion, conviction and sincerity! “In the presence of Anne Hidalgo and the socialist tenors gathered in the premises of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, this February 5, Carole Delga does not yet suspect that she is positive for Covid-19. The PS president of the Occitanie region, spokesperson for the campaign, will not learn it until the next day. Also positive (but warned in time, him), Olivier Faure, the boss of the party, was excused. In the grip of an epidemic of bad news, Anne Hidalgo nevertheless has an opportunity to relaunch her candidacy. One umpteenth time. At his side in the former headquarters of the SFIO, Bernard Cazeneuve officially takes over as president of the support committee. “Faithful to his political family”, the former Prime Minister of François Hollande assumes to come as reinforcements. “When a friend who has not missed you comes to ask for your help, you have a duty to say yes to him, he justifies in front of the press. It’s when times are tough that you have to pull together.” And to greet in the mayor of Paris a personality “intractable on the questions of the Republic”. This is not the first time that Bernard Cazeneuve, withdrawn from active politics, plays the “firefighters” of the Socialist Party. The former head of government had wet the shirt during the European elections, in 2019. He had also participated in the first big meeting of Anne Hidalgo, on October 23 in Lille. But he had since stood at a distance from the countryside.

“It’s when times are difficult that you have to unite”

In the meantime, the former mayor of Cherbourg has published the third volume of his memoirs at Place Beauvau and Matignon*. He wrote in particular: “It was by refusing to make myself an accomplice in a political game of which I disapproved of the excesses, the easy disruptions and the sometimes violent radicalism that I made myself discreet. The author also takes a severe look at his ex-comrades on the left of the PS, guilty according to him of having sought to sabotage the five-year term of François Hollande. And not to defend its balance sheet today. However, Anne Hidalgo herself has not always been kind to the action of the ex-president, including when he was at the Élysée. “She has always been supportive, which did not prevent disagreements over labor law or the forfeiture of nationality”, however, says Jean-Marc Germain, her husband. The former deputy of Hauts-de-Seine explains that his wife consults François Hollande on international subjects and that they see each other “every month”. The former head of state will also soon participate in one of Anne Hidalgo’s major meetings. Enough to reverse the downtrend? Last week, our real-time Ifop-Fiducial poll promised the mayor of Paris a humiliating 2.5% of the vote.

* “The direction of our nation”, of Bernard Cazeneuve, ed. Stock, 200 pages, 19.90 euros.

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