Cécile Bois ("Candice Renoir") affected by Covid-19: these symptoms with which she has been living for a year! : Current Woman The MAG

If Cécile Bois has returned to work and turnscurrently season 9 of Candice Renoir, her life is not quite back to normal yet. Indeed, the 50-year-old actress had been very violently affected by the Covid-19 virus at the beginning of March 2020, when we barely discovered the strength of the disease and the epidemic. In addition to the first infection, she had experienced a violent return of symptoms: "At the time of the illness, I was told that I had a secondary infection. What I did not quite understand, whereas I had been told that it would be finished on the fourteenth day. A week later, the symptoms came back in force. So I was put on antibiotics", she said in Paris Match April 16, 2020. "It wasn't funny at all. I was scared enough, all of a sudden, your lungs are wrung out and you can't take any more air", she described then. But almost a year after her contamination, some symptoms are still present, as she says in an excerpt from an article by Star TV, on newsstands Monday, March 9, 2021.

Breathing problems for Cécile Bois

Thus, Cécile Bois confides the aftermath of Covid-19 which still follows her on a daily basis: "My breathing is not quite free with some weird coughs every now and then", she describes. But she knows how to see the bright side: "I'm breathing so it's much better!"Indeed, this is nothing compared to the constant shortness of breath, cough and high fever that Jean-Pierre Michael's wife had. when it was still contaminated. Fortunately, these breathing problems were managed, as her soon to be featured in Gloria, a new series on TF1 and that a season 10 of Candice Renoir is already in preparation! Cécile Bois therefore does not let down and continues to chain projects.

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