Cécile de Ménibus firmly reframes Camélia Jordana: "Stop dividing us": Current Woman The MAG


The settling of scores, Cécile de Ménibus, she knows. The morning co-host of South Radio doesn't have his tongue in his pocket and doesn't hesitate to voice his opinions. Saturday 23 January 2021, lightning Cécile de Ménibus fell on Camellia Jordana. Cauet's former acolyte took to the social media Twitter and directly challenged the singer revealed in the New star in 2009 in a murderous tweet: "Dear @CameliaJordana you don't like our #Police, you don't like our fathers, our brothers, our husbands, you don't like our actresses … and yet most of them have made your dream of living off your passion come true. So stop dividing and condemning us". She closed her tweet with the hashtag #Benevolence.

Cécile de Ménibus stepped up to the plate following the latest statements from the interpreter of Easy. In fact, in an interview with Paris Match and published Thursday January 21, 2021, Camélia Jordana rose against Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot : “They were not the symbol of feminism. They embodied THE woman because they were muses, anti-feminism par excellence". She continues: "They also lived with the idea that taking a hand in the ass was something normal, even 'nice'. It's all there…" . At the time of the Balance your pig campaign, launched to denounce sexual harassment, the two legendary actresses were strongly opposed.

Camélia Jordana: used to controversy

Police violence, racism, feminism, Camélia Jordana is an artist who does not hesitate to get involved in the causes that are dear to her. Popular or not, she has always defended her opinions, even if it means creating many controversies. We remember in particular his comments on police violence in June 2020 in Laurent Ruquier's program, We are not in bed : "They are supposed to protect us, but ithere are thousands of people who don't feel safe around a cop, and I'm one of them. When I have curly hair, I don't feel safe facing a cop in France (…) I'm not talking about the demonstrators, I'm talking about the men and women who go to work every morning in the suburbs and who are made massacre for no other reason than their skin color. It is a fact. "

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