Cédric Jubillar: an astonishing secret code decrypted in a private letter

In a letter sent last October by Cédric Jubillar to his new companion, the investigators deciphered a coded message which was unexpected to say the least.

Since mid-December 2020, Delphine Jubillar has not been found. Her husband Cédric, for his part, is still placed in solitary confinement in prison, being considered the prime suspect. Continuing to proclaim his innocence, he continues to intrigue the investigators, who comb through all the elements of the case. The latter notably analyzed the letters he sends to his new companion, Séverine, as announced The Parisian, Monday January 10.

Not having the right to see her in the visiting room, sincehe can only address himself directly to his three lawyers, the 34-year-old drywall craftsman exchanges with her in writing. Last October, Cédric Jubillar addressed her talking to her about his daily life as an inmate, explaining to her that he had “dark thoughts” and even “the shrink’s fees do not [lui] have no effect “. The father of the family also took the opportunity to tackle Delphine’s girlfriends, who demand the truth about this affair and do not hesitate to let it know in the media, but also to ask Séverine to send him photos of her, of her children, and to give her a CD of the group of metal System of a Down. But what intrigues the investigators is above all what is written in the margin of the sheet, namely a sequence of numbers.

A provocative message to investigators

On November 22, the adjutant of the Toulouse research section understood that it was a alphabet where pairs of numbers are replaced by letters. Enough to allow Cédric Jubillar to tell his partner that he “love him very much” or that he has “want to [lui] make love”. However, the secret text does not stop there since the main suspect in this case has even took care to write a coded and provocative message to the investigators, to know : “Happy reading the PDs if you find the code.”

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