Cédric Jubillar: the lawyers are preparing to ask for his release for the 7th time

David Montagne
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10:22 a.m., February 02, 2023

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers will submit a new request for release to the judges. The main suspect in the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar has been claiming his innocence since the start of the investigation, which remains at a standstill. This would be the seventh request from his lawyers, but it too risks being dismissed by the judges.

Will the investigative chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal speak in favor of Cédric Jubillar’s requests? The man suspected in the case of the disappearance of his wife Delphine Jubillar has requested his release for the… seventh time. Cédric Jubillar has been imprisoned since June in the Toulouse-Seysses prison centre. The investigations are complete and the body of the nurse, who disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 in the Tarn, remains untraceable.

For the lawyers of her husband, the main suspect, the file is empty. Reasons which justify according to them this new request for release and the installation of an electronic bracelet at home as indicated by Maître Emmanuelle Franck, lawyer for Cédric Jubillar. “The debate will be both on the characteristics of this housing, but that should not pose any difficulty insofar as, normally, the services must just check the technical possibility of a bracelet, that is to say the existence of a telephone line and there is one.”

“The result of this request will proceed from an analysis and from the will of the magistrates to release or not this man in freedom while obviously awaiting his trial”, she continued.

Crucial elements for the investigation

Theoretically, Cédric Jubillar could remain in pre-trial detention until June 2025, but the trial could be held before that date. The Toulouse Court of Appeal has so far always rejected Cédric Jubillar’s requests for release, highlighting the preservation of clues and the continuation of the investigation.

As a reminder, Cédric Jubillar claims his innocence. He and Delphine Jubillar have two children, Louis and Elyah, aged 8 and 3 respectively.

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