Celebrities show: These 3 haircuts have anti-aging effect

How about a new hairstyle that makes you look younger? With the right haircut, a few years less is no problem – famous role models such as Hollywood star Michelle Yeoh, 61, singer and actress Kate Beckinsale, 50, or “Germany’s next Top Model” icon Heidi Klum, 50, have been doing it for a long time. We show you the stars’ secret hairstyling tricks with anti-aging effects.

Bangs: The ultimate anti-aging hairstyle among haircuts

Heidi Klum has been using this classic hairstyle for several years: bangs are the perfect anti-aging hairstyle that makes the face look younger. The casual, layered bangs make small wrinkles on the forehead disappear as if by magic and the eye is automatically drawn to the eyes and the rest of the face. The perfect trick to perfectly hide the visual changes of aging.

Rejuvenating beach waves: Michelle Yeoh shows how it’s done

Soft waves make the facial features appear softer: gently falling beach waves therefore act like a rejuvenating filter for the face. Actress Michelle Yeoh, who is over 60 years old, opts for this dynamic look and looks at least a decade younger. Beach waves bring movement and volume to the hair and are therefore the perfect solution for all aging women who love long hair. It looks feminine, elegant and very fresh, bringing a little swing to the everyday hair look.

Modern textured bob à la Kate Beckinsale

Usually only small changes are necessary to turn a new hairstyle into a makeover. A bob hairstyle is a timeless and ageless classic that, when cut in the right way, conjures up a fresh and youthful look. Especially with layered cuts or a long bob, the hairstyle brings a modern freshness to the chosen look. A celebrity lady has been doing it for a long time…

Kate Beckinsale recently showed us how to do it and surprised everyone with a modern textured bob in radiant blonde. It is important that the hair structure and texture are taken into account when cutting hair so that the layers that give the hair structure fall well and suit the individual type.

Source used: instagram.com


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