Celebrities under palm trees: Sat.1 takes the show out of the program

Celebrities under the palm trees
Sat.1 takes the program out of the program

The station Sat.1 “will change”.

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After “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, Sat.1 also discontinues the trash format “Celebrities under palm trees”. The broadcaster wants to “change”.

After “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, Sat.1 also throws the “Celebrities under palm trees” format out of the program for good. The broadcaster has that on Friday announced in a statement on Instagram. It says, among other things: “Sat.1 is changing. We have announced that, we will do it. That is why we have decided: There will be no further season of ‘Celebrities under Palms’.”

The genre of reality TV will continue to play a role in the future. The new station boss Daniel Rosemann also has that in the Interview with “DWDL.de” confirms: “Good reality TV is great television entertainment. But the compass has to be properly calibrated. We are working on that and want to prove it with a new season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in the summer, for example.”

The broadcaster tries to learn from its mistakes. “We promise: We will not stop here, but let our words be followed by further deeds,” it continues on Instagram. “We are currently working on a lot of new ideas and programs that inspire us and will share them with you as soon as we can. We have a big heart for really good TV entertainment. We are looking forward to a new Sat.1.”

Scandal with “Celebrities under palm trees” and “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”

Most recently, the station received heavy criticism for two of its reality TV formats. Already during the first season of “Celebrities under Palms” allegations of bullying were loud. After the beginning of the second season, homophobic statements caused a stir. In addition, the new episodes were overshadowed by the death of TV star Willi Herren (1975-2021) in April, who had participated in the second season. For reasons of piety, Sat.1 finally took the wacky episodes out of the program.

Matthias Distel (44), also known as singer Ikke Hüftgold, filed a criminal complaint against Sat.1 and the production company Imago TV at the end of May. Thistle had previously participated in the “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich” format, but the filming was stopped prematurely. In the show, a wealthy family swaps their lives for a week with that of a socially weaker family. In one Statement on his website Distel spoke of, among other things, “scandalous circumstances” and accused the broadcaster and the production company of “the well-being of two seriously traumatized children […] was trampled underfoot by the responsible media outlets “. After the scandal, Sat.1 canceled the program” Suddenly poor, suddenly rich “.