Celebrities under palm trees: Second season of the reality TV show starts in April

Celebrities under the palm trees
The second season of the reality TV show starts in April

Twelve TV stars compete in "Celebrities under the Palms".

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The second "Celebs under Palms" season doesn't just come with two additional episodes. There will also be a "Late Night Show".

The fight for the golden coconut and the prize money of 100,000 euros is entering a new round. The second season of the reality TV show "Promis unter Palmen" will start on April 12th on Sat.1. Not only is the slot for the opening episode new, there is also new material waiting for viewers after the show. Jochen Bendel (53) and Melissa Khalaj (31) review the events of the respective episodes in the subsequent live broadcast "Celebrities under palm trees – the Late Night Show" – including the celebrity guest, who will provide additional fuel.

Who is going to Thailand in 2021 to move into a villa on the palm beach with their eleven colleagues? Season two are: Giulia Siegel (46), Willi Herren (45), Chris Töpperwien (47), Katy Bähm (27), Melanie Müller (32), Emmy Russ (21), Marcus Prinz von Anhalt (54), Henrik Stoltenberg (24), Kate Merlan (34), Patricia Blanco (50), Elena Miras (28) and Calvin Kleinen (28).

The first of the eight episodes "Promis unter Palmen" will air on April 12th from 8:15 pm on Sat.1 and on Joyn. In the following weeks, the station sixx takes over the broadcast, always from 10:30 p.m.