“Celebrity Big Brother”: Already after the beginning, the first tensions in the TV universe

“Celebrity Big Brother” has started the new season. Could there be a big bang anytime soon?

With the entry of the candidates, the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother” started on August 6th on Sat.1. This time the participants are going into space on the premises in Cologne. It was not yet said “Cologne, we have a problem!”, But the first tensions were already indicated in the opening show.

After David Hasselhoff (69) heralded the ninth season with the new title song “The Passenger”, a cover of Iggy Pops (74) classic, the station showed the first celebs who have been on the stuffy space station since Wednesday .

“You are trash”

Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33) was the first candidate to travel to TV-All, followed by “The Bachelor” but not winner Mimi Gwozdz (27), who wanted Big Brother to be “nice” to her , and the spirited reality TV star Rafi Rachek (31). The first friction arose immediately after Müller had not recognized him. “Dude, I just know where I was yesterday,” she tried to justify herself. “You don’t watch trash? You are trash,” said Rachek, apparently pissed off. And also for the former handball player Eric Sindermann (33) it was a “damper” to meet Müller. In all the programs he saw with her, she annoyed him.

On the other hand, “Bauer sucht Frau” cult candidate Uwe Abel (51) seemed deeply relaxed, who also admitted directly: “I will participate because I want to win the money.” Clairvoyant Daniel Kreibich (37), on the other hand, hopes to lose 20 kilos in the show, which he currently has too much. How he will do in the long run still seems questionable, as he declared that he was “not a flat-sharing community”. Ina Aogo (32) is a “retired player” and just wants to “try something crazy”, as she says. The former lottery fairy Heike Maurer (68), who asked “which planet” Aogo lived on shortly after moving in, would like to meet people, even if the possible prize money of 100,000 euros is “of course welcome”. Aogo, on the other hand, seems to be sure after a short time that one still has to be careful of Müller.

He can “imagine sex in the house”

Then four other candidates followed, who moved in live on the show. First of all, reality star Daniela Büchner (43), who believes that she knows at least 75 percent of Germans, went to Cologne’s outer space. Kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34) was combative and already announced that she did not want to give up, even if the show will certainly be a challenge. She has one thing in common with Kreibich, she is also “not a flat share person”.

The others still have to watch out for the actor and apparently the heartbreaker Danny Liedtke (31) during the show. He can “imagine having sex in the house”, even if he doesn’t believe that one of the candidates would take part in front of the camera. Just a few seconds after moving in, he also told TV-Germany that he had his first time when he was 15. Well, that can still be something …

Most recently, TV icon Jörg Draeger (75), who neither wants to cry nor lose his composure on television, entered the space station. It remains to be seen whether he can keep this and whether he will go all out in space, among other things, in the various games. As the moderators Marlene Lufen (50) and Jochen Schropp (42) also revealed, four more celebrities will move in on Monday.

This is how Kreibich helped his mother

Over dinner together, Kreibich said, visibly moved, that “the most important woman in my life”, his mother, had breast cancer. After her sister died of breast cancer, she considered not going to a mammography appointment. “Yes, go there, because they will find something,” he told her, because he felt it. And that’s how it was. The doctors only wanted to operate on one affected area, but he advised her to “remove both”. He was looking for a clinic and paid between 15,000 and 18,000 euros for the operation, as he said. That was a good thing, because later it came out “that it was not just in one place, but that it was distributed everywhere”.

Maurer told of their four marriages. Actually, the fourth time would have “become life sentence” if her husband had not fallen ill, said the former lottery fair. Her “still-husband”, from whom she lives separately, has bipolar disorder and is depressed, which obviously also puts a lot of strain on her. You have to be strong if you get the feeling of being “abandoned” and “alone”. In the consulting room, Sindermann explained that it is important to take such a disease seriously. Help with depression is offered by telephone counseling on the free number: 0800/111 0 111.

Off to the big planet

As always, in addition to the space station, there is also a luxurious side, the Big Planet. After a first celebrity duel, which Rachek was able to win with the help of Aogo, the two were the first to explore the planet – and beam two other candidates to themselves. They decided on Maurer and Gwozdz. The audience did not want to see the latter in the luxury area, they had to go back to the space station.