“Celebrity Big Brother”: Between flirtation and paranoia

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Between flirtation and paranoia

Rafi Rachek and Melanie Müller will probably no longer be friends.

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On Monday, new candidates moved in for “Celebrity Big Brother”. Meanwhile, Rafi Rachek and Melanie Müller were seething.

Only a few days are the residents in the TV-All of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 on the move, but the nerves are already apparently with some candidates. At least there seems to be an increasing number of smaller and larger arguments. And then there are the four new participants who moved in live on August 9th.

Paranoia, conspiracy, or a game of negotiation?

At first there was an ideal world for a short time, then it quickly got down to business. While Melanie Müller (33) and Daniela Büchner (43) get along quite well and even talked about the separation of the reality star from Ennesto Monté (46), the 33-year-old Ballermann singer and Rafi Rachek (31) are pretty sure no friends anymore. Because the ex- “Bachelorette” participant believes that she would do anything for “a little airtime”.

Before the assembled group, Rachek claimed that Müller and the former handball player Eric Sindermann (33) should have made agreements before the show because they already knew each other. “What do you want from me?”, Müller asked himself, then the angry Rachek insulted her as “intriguing without end” and “fake”. The angry reality star was also loud to Jörg Draeger (75), who didn’t even know what was going on. The 31-year-old is not entitled to act like that, said the TV icon. In addition, Rachek must also prove his claims.

“Do you suffer from paranoia?” Asked Müller Rachek – and whether it was a problem for him that he was not the center of attention. She wanted to “teach him decency” and if he yelled at older people again while she was at it, he would have a problem with her. He should also apologize to Draeger, otherwise she would make “life hell” for him during the show. It wasn’t until late at night that the long-time “Go all out!” Moderator was able to calm down, as he explained in a self-talk with the cameras. In case of doubt, he wanted to be for the defendant, i.e. Müller, first.

Sam Dylan (30), Rachek’s partner, said in the studio: “Rafi now assumes that there have been agreements.” He probably got into it a little too much. Due to his temperament, Rachek often looks like “a lion”, but is more of a “kitten” and can calm down quickly. He hopes that his friend will get another chance to show another side of himself. At least for a short time, Müller and Rachek were able to bury the hatchet for a game later. Although they did not communicate with each other, they were able to earn six out of eight possible euros as an additional amount, whereby the residents of the space station were able to spend a total of 14 euros on food – pasta, toast, meat sausage and salami.

Time for a little love

Draeger was at least apparently able to calm down so well that he flirted with the former lottery fairy Heike Maurer (68). You have “fascinating eyes,” enthused the moderator. “Who has spoken of my eyes lately,” she said, almost embarrassed and maybe even a little taken with Draeger.

Then four new candidates moved into the TV universe. Hopefully Rachek will not notice that playmate of the century Gitta Saxx (56) and model Papis Loveday (44) already know each other. Influencer Payton Ramolla (21) and TV retailer Paco Steinbeck (46) complete the new round. After a first duel, Saxx and Loveday were allowed to go to the luxurious Big Planet, the other two had to go to the barren space station. But the joy did not last long, because shortly afterwards actor Danny Liedtke (31), “retired player” Ina Aogo (32) and Loveday also had to move to the space station.

Next Wednesday, the first celebrity will be voted out regularly, as the moderators Marlene Lufen (50) and Jochen Schropp (42) announced. Clairvoyant Daniel Kreibich (37) has already said goodbye “for medical reasons”.