“Celebrity Big Brother”: Borderline experiences in TV space

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Borderline experiences in TV space

Ina Aogo comforts Rafi Rachek on “Celebrity Big Brother”

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In the current episode of “Celebrity Big Brother”, two of the candidates in particular apparently made themselves unpopular with their space colleagues.

It was foreseeable that there would be all kinds of disputes in the TV universe with currently 16 residents. In the latest episode “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 on Thursday evening, two of the candidates in particular seemed to be messing around so slowly: Paco Steinbeck (46) and Papis Loveday (44).

“A really exhausting personality”

The nerves of the “super trader” seem to be on the brink of nerves, like some of their colleagues – especially after the evil Big Brother did not provide enough tobacco supplies for the residents of the space station. TV icon Jörg Draeger (75) was upset that Steinbeck was upset. And so the mood rocked up again and again. The TV dealer accused the presenter of “kindergarten behavior”, among other things. “Paco is such a typical macho know-it-all”, said the deceived “Bachelor” winner Mimi Gwozdz (27). Player’s wife Ina Aogo (32) could only agree with her: “I think Paco is a really exhausting personality for me.”

Steinbeck and Loveday, on the other hand, didn’t like the fact that Aogo was acting as a kind of boss from their point of view and Draeger, who sees himself as an “upper-class”, didn’t want the 46-year-old to shut up. “You have a shadow,” said Steinbeck. What the TV presenter is doing right now is “stupid chatter”. Meanwhile, Aogo and Loveday accused each other of being drama queens. And all because he didn’t want shampoo to end up in the shopping cart the next time he went shopping. In the smoking group, several candidates agreed that Loveday was a diva.

Good nerves, bad nerves

As if out of nowhere, Rafi Rachek (31) began to cry. The whole situation just seemed to be too much for him. The former “Bachelorette” candidate was hungry, his eyes hurt and then he had a headache. But it does him good to “just let everything out”. He never thought the show could be so tough. “It’s just a borderline experience that I’m going through right now,” he said. However, he later “caught himself” again and wanted to keep fighting.

After Pascal Kappés (31), who became known through “Berlin – Tag & Nacht”, moved in on Wednesday, reality star Daniela Büchner (43) initially seemed to be able to warm up to the newcomer. But the mood should soon change. After she had almost adored him, he suddenly said to her that he didn’t like her when he saw her in the jungle camp. He thinks she is narcissistic. “There he comes in and says, I’m a narcissist,” she could hardly believe and pulled out her middle finger behind her hand in the interview room. The new guy has good nerves to mess with Büchner, said Eric Sindermann (33).

In a challenge, Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33) and Danny Liedtke (31) were supposed to defend their place on the Big Planet against Loveday and kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34), which they also succeeded in doing. Nevertheless, at the end of the edition, the audience voted Büchner, a candidate from the luxury sector in the space station.