Celebrity Big Brother: Did Ramin Abtin suffer from the many nominations?

A few days before the final, Ramin Abtin had to leave the "fairy tale land" of "Celebrity Big Brother". No one was nominated as often as he.

Now Ramin Abtin (48) has also got it. Shortly before the "Celebrity Big Brother" final, on August 28th at 8:15 pm live on Sat.1, the coach of the weight-loss show "The Biggest Loser" and former kickboxing world champion had to leave the show. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Abtin talks about his time in the TV container. None of the candidates found himself on the nomination list as often as he did.

How do you feel after moving out and how were the last days in "fairyland" for you?

Ramin Abtin: I feel very good and am in good spirits. I was also doing well in "Märchenland". But it must be said that the days go by much faster in the last week. You already live in a different space-time continuum. Time passes very differently than in the real world.

And how did you spend that time?

Abtin: I tried to create a daily routine for myself. I got up, had breakfast what was there – it wasn't much – and then I did sport every morning. Usually two to three people have also found each other who have participated. Otherwise you talk to the people you want to talk to and wait for the challenges that come.

Do you annoy that you have been nominated so many times?

Abtin: Nope, that doesn't annoy me at all. I don't take this personally at all. I see it in a very sporty way and was rescued four times. I mean, I actually had next to no conflicts in there. Accordingly, I see it as a compliment; I was obviously seen as a competitor.

The last time you talked about being bullied as a child and going through other very difficult times. How did you manage to stay so positive overall?

Abtin: I was bullied as a child, but I had a very loving family and, in retrospect, enjoyed a good upbringing. I started martial arts relatively early on, which is also very good for personal development. You learn to stay on the ground. I actually looked a little bit for my salvation in sport.

Werner Hansch seemed very emotional when you left. Who did you get along with particularly well?

Abtin: Werner cried when he said goodbye, which also touched me a lot. I actually got on well with everyone, but especially with Sascha, Aaron and Simone. I got on well with Senay, who had some problems. Also with Jasmin, Jenny and especially with Udo – we often had eye contact when someone did something that the two of us didn't think was so cool. I already knew then that he was looking over at me, that was really funny.

That's almost the entire ranks of candidates. You didn't have anyone you couldn't get along with?

Abtin: Well, Katy Bähm has of course forced a few conflicts on me. But I think I solved that well.

A few days ago there were allegations that your dogs were allegedly alone at home. A good friend took care of your four-legged friends while you were with "Celebrity Big Brother". How do you feel when you hear such allegations?

Abtin: Anyone who knows me knows that before I even come to terms with anyone, I always make sure that the dogs are adequately cared for. You are family members and I am in charge. The dogs were with their dog sitter until August 20th, when one of my best friends picked them up and brought them to my apartment. These friends live across the street and then even stayed at my apartment. I used to go to Spain by car so the dogs don't have to fly. That's 2,500 kilometers that I drove in one go. I am also committed to animal welfare. I would walk through fire for my dogs, family and friends.

Who are you giving victory to and who do you think will win?

Abtin: I hope Werner wins because I believe that, given his 82 years and his situation, he deserves it most – or needs it.