“Celebrity Big Brother”: Eric Sindermann was a “German Forrest Gump”

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Eric Sindermann was a “German Forrest Gump”

Eric Sindermann says goodbye to the other candidates.

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Shortly before the finale of “Celebrity Big Brother”, Eric Sindermann had to pack his things. The end was “like a bang” for him.

The grand finale of the current season of “Celebrity Big Brother” will take place on Sat.1 on August 27th from 8:15 pm. Just under a handful of participants are currently there. Former handball player Eric Sindermann (33) has no more chances. He and Daniela Büchner (43) had to return to earth from TV space on Wednesday. According to the broadcaster, the 33-year-old said after leaving that he did not expect to be eliminated so shortly before the final.

Sindermann would have “already thought” that he would get more calls than fellow candidate Marie Lang (34), that he would not get against Danny Liedtke (31), was “clear” to him. Because the actor is “a real heavyweight” with around 500,000 followers. Sindermann further explains: “I moved in as an underdog and as a German Forrest Gump in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and made it to the last eight, and I think I can be satisfied with that.”

He had a little nervous breakdown

At first he was shocked when he heard his name, because he “just somehow had the vision and the desire” to make it to the final. “Accordingly, it was like a bang for me. I also didn’t cry at all. I didn’t even know where up and down was.” When he came to the moderation duo Marlene Lufen (50) and Jochen Schropp (42), “I didn’t even realize it. Then I had a little nervous breakdown”. Now everything is fine again.

He has also spoken to his parents on the phone. “Eric, we are so proud of you. You did that really cool”, they would have told him and surprised him with it. He had previously fallen into an emotional hole after a video message from his parents on the show. “I can no longer say at all why I was so flat the moment I saw the video and why these emotions came up so high. But you can see what this space station does to you. Little food, little sunlight – then such feelings arise “, explained Sindermann in retrospect.

Incidentally, he is now particularly grateful to Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33). He explains: “I had my ups and downs with her, but I took her very close to my heart. I would be very happy if she wins.” Sindermann thinks that Liedtke will win the show.