“Celebrity Big Brother”: Heike Maurer has to leave the show

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Heike Maurer has to leave the show

Heike Maurer was chosen as the first candidate from the show.

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On Wednesday the first participant from the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season was chosen. Two more candidates moved in for this.

On August 11th, the first female candidate was officially elected from TV space and returned to Earth. The former lottery fairy Heike Maurer (68) had to leave the show. Clairvoyant Daniel Kreibich (37) had already gone into the escape pod several days ago at his own request. For this purpose, two new TV astronauts came on Wednesday: In the evening, professional angler Babs Kijewski and the former “Berlin – Day & Night” actor Pascal Kappés (31) moved into “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1. He was allowed to go to the luxury area, to the Big Planet, she had to go to the stuffy space station.

These two are also considering moving out

Two other candidates announced in tears that they might also want to leave the show voluntarily. Mimi Gwozdz (27), who will be featured on the cover of the September issue of German “Playboy” from August 12th, could not stand all the “bickering” on the show, she cried in an interview with Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33). For a few days now she has stopped feeling like everything is becoming “too personal and too negative” for her. TV dealer Paco Steinbeck (46) tried to keep Gwozdz from moving out and Müller also thought it would be a shame if her fellow candidate left because “others can’t pull themselves together”.

The player’s wife Ina Aogo (32) also tears several times. She could no longer and “just wanted to go home to my family”. “I would love to go,” said the 32-year-old, who does not feel well, has had a headache all day and suffers from lack of sleep. Jörg Draeger (75) and other candidates tried, however, that Aogo calmed down again.

When two quarrel, the whole universe suffers

A dispute between Aogo and reality star Danni Büchner (43) did not want to calm down at all. “She just really bitched me again,” complained the 32-year-old. Büchner had previously told her that she didn’t like her style, that Aogo should only communicate with her at games and otherwise leave her alone. The reality star thinks the player’s wife is “really a bit arrogant and arrogant”. Büchner insulted her again all the time for no reason and Aogo was “really finished off” by her. The situation is “just too much” for her and she is also shocked at how Büchner is attacking her.

Some people apparently doubt whether Aogo’s tears are real. “On the first day she said she could cry on command,” recalled “Bauer sucht Frau” cult candidate Uwe Abel (51). And the former handball player Eric Sindermann (33) turned to Büchner because he couldn’t understand that Aogo was doing such a drama.

An at least attempted discussion between the parties was of no use. “I’m supposed to understand you, but you don’t want to understand me,” said Büchner, who at some point began to cry out of sheer anger. In an interview with Rafi Rachek (31), Aogo said, with little misunderstanding: “Not all the lamps in the upper room light up with her.” For the two, Büchner, Sindermann, Abel and Danny Liedtke (31) are at the top of the hit list.

Who is Luke Skywalker again?

In a quiz game, the celebrities of the two living areas later had to fight over whether one of the candidates had to go to the space station and another could travel to the Big Planet for it. Müller, Sindermann, Liedtke and influencer Payton Ramolla (21) were victorious for the Big Planet – and so everyone stayed where they were before the game. The fact that Müller and Aogo did not know who Luke Skywalker’s father was may have shocked some viewers.

In the end, Maurer had to leave the show. As a lottery fairy she may have brought luck to many people for many years, but in “Celebrity Big Brother” another candidate will draw six numbers.