“Celebrity Big Brother”: Ina and Marie have to go to the semifinals

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Ina and Marie have to go to the semifinals

Ina Aogo will not be in the finals of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Friday.

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One day before the “Celebrity Big Brother” final, two candidates, Ina Aogo and Marie Lang, had to leave the show.

In the semifinals of the current season of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1, two participants had to leave the TV all again on Thursday evening. This time it got the player’s wife Ina Aogo (32) and kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34).

“He’s amazed that he’s single”

Before the end of Aogo and Lang, however, wild claims and flirting were on the program. In material from the previous day, Papis Loveday (44) accused Daniela Büchner (43), who left on Wednesday evening, of wanting to listen to the team on the Big Planet for the space station. He spoke of her as a “traitor” and a “spy”, which of course she didn’t want to sit on her own. She wondered, “We’re not in the ‘James Bond’ movie, are we, or what’s going on?” Fortunately, it did not turn out so dramatic that she would have had to make use of her “license to kill”.

Danny Liedtke (31) seemed to have fallen in love with Aogo meanwhile. “Somehow I have the feeling that he really likes me,” she noticed too. She is married to the former soccer player Dennis Aogo (34). If it weren’t for her, Liedtke would have tried to get closer to the 32-year-old, as he admitted. He openly asked her if masturbation was selfish in a relationship. “He’s amazed that he’s been single for so long,” she laughed later.

The last night in space

In the first round of nominations, Aogo had to assert herself against Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33), which she did not succeed in. After moving out, she was finally allowed to hug her husband again, who was sitting in the audience and said that he had felt that his wife might have to go today.

After the second round of nominations, in which Müller was allowed to distribute two votes because she had previously won a game, “Bauer sucht Frau” cult candidate Uwe Abel (51) and kickboxer Lang had to vie for the audience’s favor – luckily Abel not in the ring. In the end, the callers decided that they wanted to see the TV farmer in the final. But that probably to the annoyance of Müller, because he could be “damn dangerous” for her in the last episode, as she had revealed during the nomination.

Liedtke was able to watch the spectacle very relaxed, as he had already won the “Golden Final Ticket” and could not be nominated. For Müller, Loveday, Liedtke and Abel it is now the last night in space. The final episode of the current season of “Promi Big Brother” will be live on Sat.1 on August 27th from 8:15 pm.