Celebrity Big Brother: Katy Bähm returns as Burak Bildik

When they moved in, drag queen Katy Bähm was asked how she would do the styling at "PBB". The answer came on Saturday.

Drag artist Katy Bähm (27) caused the surprise on Saturday evening when she disappeared with the words "I'm going to the toilet and take off my clothes" and came back as a male Burak Bildik. There was no trace of make-up or brightly colored and shimmering clothing, and the other participants couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Hendrik Nitsch (25) alias comedian Udo Bönstrup was fascinated by all the things that can be done with make-up. Reality star Emmy Russ (21) was almost in love with shock: "Wow! You look really hot as a boy!" And the former Swiss "Bachelorette" Adela Smajic (27) wanted to know what she should call him now. "Katy" is the simple answer. "I only care about gender when I have make-up. Otherwise I don't care."

The eighth season "Celebrity Big Brother" lasts three weeks and ends on August 28, 2020. The show runs daily at 10:15 pm and on Fridays and Mondays at 8:15 pm. From Monday, August 24th, it will be broadcast live on Sat.1 and on Joyn every day at 8:15 p.m.