“Celebrity Big Brother”: Marital Problems and Big Emotions

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Marital problems and great emotions

Melanie Müller spoke in tears about her marriage in the new episode of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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On Thursday evening, the new episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” was about the marriage of Melanie Müller, among other things.

The marriage of Melanie Müller (33) and her husband Mike Blümer was previously the topic of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1. In the latest issue on August 19, the Ballermann singer explained in tears that she hopes to get another chance after the show from her husband, with whom she has been married since 2014. First, however, Müller and the former handball player Eric Sindermann (33) talked about their work and health on the show, because he considers them a workaholic. She has already had heart problems and many have told her that she should withdraw, the singer said.

Müller later admitted that because of all the work, he might also have little time for himself and her family. When she talked about their relationship, she fought back tears. “I don’t know what my husband is still thinking,” said the 33-year-old, who broke up with Blümer “not in a good way” before moving in with “Celebrity Big Brother”. She did not properly show him that she was grateful that he had supported her for many years. And she missed the point of showing him that she loved him. “I just want him to give our marriage another chance,” said Müller. Blümmer had previously spoken in a voice message on “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show”, among other things, about a “Ehezoff” – and about the fact that he just needed a “distance”.

Rockets full of feelings

Some of the other residents of the space station were also crying again in the current episode. They should make rockets and send handwritten letters into space. Before doing this, however, they should read to the assembled group what they had written down. Papis Loveday (44) wants to win the show and thus the prize money to help children and Gitta Saxx (56) wants to win to pay off remaining debts and support a charity project. But Paco Steinbeck (46) in particular showed his feelings. He missed his late parents “every day, without exception. I hope you are proud of me,” read the TV dealer. Daniela Büchner (43) was surprised at how emotional Steinbeck can be.

Not a single correct answer

A challenge also involved a change of area for four candidates. The residents of the luxury sector were supposed to defend their big planet – which was more by chance than skill. The space station team (Müller, Ina Aogo, Uwe Abel and Marie Lang) and the luxury team (Steinbeck, Saxx, Loveday, Jörg Draeger) should first put balls through a hose and the captains of the groups should then answer questions in order to score points collect. Since Steinbeck and Müller were not right with a single answer, the Big Planet residents were allowed to return to their area.

Steinbeck was recently allowed to bring three candidates from the space station to the planet. He decided on Büchner, Müller and Danny Liedtke (31). However, the audience also chose three participants on the space station. Büchner had to go straight back and took Loveday and Saxx with him. The next exit could then be on Friday evening.