“Celebrity Big Brother”: Mimi moves out of her own free will

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Mimi moves out voluntarily

Mimi leaves “Celebrity Big Brother” voluntarily.

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Mimi leaves “Celebrity Big Brother”: “I just have no more strength, both physically and mentally I’m completely exhausted.”

On the one hand it comes as a surprise, on the other hand something was already emerging. In any case, it is now certain: Mimi is leaving “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1) voluntarily. “I want to leave ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ because I just have no more strength, both physically and mentally I’m completely exhausted,” she said, according to the transmitter, in the office of the space station during the night.

The reason she named the external circumstances: “I can no longer do the situation here to myself. No sleeping place of my own, sharing the toilet with dozens of other people, it’s just too much. That’s why I decided to go,” said the ” Bachelor “finalist, who also caused a sensation outside of the show this week with” Playboy “recordings.

The residents don’t know anything

When Mimi communicates her decision in the consulting room and thinks of her roommates, however, tears come to her: “The best thing here was getting to know all the people. I am happy to have met everyone!”, She says.

And how do the other celebrities in the space station react when they find out that Mimi has moved out? “It was all too much for her,” says player woman Ina Aogo with tears in her eyes. Then she jokes: “She’s going to buy ten ‘Playboys’ for the time being.” The celebrities on the Big Planet, on the other hand, don’t know anything about their move out.

There is more about this in the live show on Friday (August 13th) on Sat.1, which starts after the Bundesliga game and, as an exception, a little later at 11:00 p.m. Mimi will not be replaced, the next regular and probably involuntary move-out is due on Saturday …