“Celebrity Big Brother”: Paco Steinbeck had to leave space

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Paco Steinbeck had to leave space

Paco Steinbeck retired from “Celebrity Big Brother” – and laughed anyway.

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On day 19 it was Paco or Marie, because someone had to leave “Celebrity Big Brother”. In the end, it hit the art and antiques dealer.

“Super dealer” Paco Steinbeck (46) is the next candidate who had to leave the universe of “Celebrity Big Brother”. On day 19, the reality show offered several surprises – including three (partly) new celebrities on the exit list.

Danni Büchner: “I deserve to be treated normally”

Right at the beginning, the “big brother” reminded the residents of the Big Planet and the space station of the next imminent decision. First, however, a “PBB” candidate drew attention to himself, who this time had nothing to fear: Danni Büchner (43). She complained about negative prejudices she faces due to her constant media exposure. “I deserve to be treated normally,” she said. Papis Loveday (44) in particular, however, could not muster up much understanding for his roommate, who in his eyes was clearly in a “victim role”.

A surprise, however, was waiting for ex- “Farmer Seeks Woman” candidate Uwe Abel (55). After Melanie Müller (33) met her husband Mike Blümer the day before, the 55-year-old was able to speak to his great love Iris from the consulting room – and was visibly happy. “I missed you a lot for a while,” he explained, only to joke, “But now I have a lot of distraction here.” Not only was the reunion with his wife surprising, but also her new hair color: Iris Abel was suddenly red-haired and no longer blonde.

Eric Sindermann (33) was also pleased on day 19 of this year’s season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Also in the consulting room, the “big brother” first showed him greetings from his parents and a good friend. The biggest surprise for the ex-handball player, however, was the fulfillment of his greatest wish: his Instagram profile now officially has a blue tick! He “fought for it” for a long time, explained the 33-year-old. “Finally!”

In the second half of the show on Tuesday evening (August 24th) it got really exciting in two ways. One day after ex- “Go on the whole” presenter Jörg Draeger (75) had to tremble both Paco Steinbeck and Marie Lang (34) for the chance of the trophy and 100,000 euros. In the end, the 34-year-old kickboxer was able to literally “punch through” in the favor of the audience. For art and antiques dealer Steinbeck, the trip to the “PBB” -all was over a few days before the final on Friday (August 27th).

Marie, Danny and Eric have to fear the exit

“Big Brother” then came up with new rules for the nomination process. A duel between the Big Planet and the space station should decide which of the two areas can nominate and which is nominated. During the fight in the arena, the teams Papis Loveday and Ina Aogo (32) (Big Planet) and Eric Sindermann and Melanie Müller (Space Station) competed against each other. The challenge, which could only be won with strength and perseverance, was won by the Big Planet – which meant that only the residents of the space station had to fear the nomination.

Danny Liedtke (31), Eric Sindermann and (again) Marie Lang were nominated for the next exit at the end of day 19. For all three, the dream of winning “Celebrity Big Brother” could already burst on Wednesday (August 25th).