“Celebrity Big Brother”: Payton and Gitta have to leave TV-All

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Payton and Gitta have to leave TV-All

Payton Ramolla after her exit from “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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For “Celebrity Big Brother” there were two excerpts on Friday. Payton Ramolla and Gitta Saxx had to say goodbye.

The excursion into the TV space of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 is over for Payton Ramolla (21) and playmate of the century Gitta Saxx (56). First, the young influencer had to fight for the audience’s favor together with “Bauer sucht Frau” cult candidate Uwe Abel (51) after they had been nominated by the participants. Ramolla was put on the hit list by Abel and kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34), among others, because the 21-year-old had apparently indicated that, according to Lang, she was “not so keen on the final”. Ramolla and Saxx, among others, decided in favor of Abel. Many were of the opinion that the TV farmer did not get involved in the group as much and did not open up as much as the other celebrities.

That is why Uwe Abel built “a wall”

Abel had previously given the other candidates insights into his soul. In an interview with Danny Liedtke (31), the 51-year-old said that he was injured very often because of his nose in his childhood – and that is why he prefers to withdraw. “If I open up, then I am so vulnerable and I don’t know if I want to be that,” said the emotional Abel, who also spoke of a “wall” that he has built for himself. To make him feel better, he thinks of his wife Iris. “Only you can get rid of the wall”, but Liedtke had “helped him a little”.

Then Abel spoke to Ina Aogo (32) in private. He feels belittled by her. But she didn’t want to hurt him at all, said the player’s wife. The 32-year-old had nothing against him until he had nominated her in a previous program – because she took that too. The pronunciation of the two apparently helped, because he found her more personable after the conversation and Aogo also consoled him with the words: “It’s not bad at all, really not.” A step in the right direction for both of them.

Another big step for himself – but apparently a small one for the group, if you look at the nominations – the TV farmer then made a round with all the residents of the space station. “At school I was the one who was always elected last, who was always annoyed. That’s why I built a wall like that,” which is still there, he said tearfully. At that time he even decided that he did not want to have children, “that my nose is not inherited”.

Between sorrow and joy

Ex-handball player Eric Sindermann (33) also had an emotional outburst. “Who in the space station is the most intelligent?” Should the residents of the Big Planet classify. What they didn’t know: The others could watch them. Since Sindermann did not get off well, tears flowed from him too. He wondered if he was “really stupid”. Already in his childhood he got thrown at his head. He should “not take the current ranking personally”, the residents tried to console him. “No, I’m not a ridiculous puppet,” said Sindermann. His crown, which he often wears on the show, is a statement that reminds him what his goal is. He wanted to get to the very top: “I’m going my way and I’ll show everyone.”

Before there was to be another exit, Big Brother had a special surprise for the space station. Papis Loveday (44) should manage everyday shopping with a budget of 11.11 euros in such a way that the last digit of the purchase amount resulted in a “1”. Since he succeeded, all candidates were allowed to go to the space supermarket for 15 seconds to grab another item for free.

At the end of the Friday edition, however, there was another excerpt from the program shortly afterwards. After a second game, which the Big Planet had previously won, Lang, Saxx, Abel and Daniela Büchner (43) had to decide among themselves who should be nominated. Büchner volunteered quickly and was already determined. The residents of the luxury area also nominated the playmate of the century, the player’s wife and again the “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate. The audience also saved Abel in the second choice, but Saxx had to travel back to earth.