“Celebrity Big Brother”: Professional angler Babs has left the TV universe

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Professional angler Babs has left TV space

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Babs was chosen by the audience.

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Professional angler Babs Kijewski had to leave “Celebrity Big Brother” after the first open nomination in the live show on Wednesday.

Professional angler Babs Kijewski had to leave the TV show “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1). In the first open nomination, she landed on the list together with soap actor Danny Liedtke (31), player wife Ina Aogo (32) and farmer Uwe Abel (51). Afterwards, the viewers voted Babs from outer space by calling a vote.

Consequences after measurement errors

Right at the start of the live show on Wednesday, Big Brother announced to residents that there had been irregularities in the “Zielwasser” duel on Tuesday and that residents who took part in the duel must return to the areas they were in before the duel : Game show legend Jörg Draeger (75), playmate of the century Gitta Saxx (56), super dealer Paco Steinbeck (46) and top model Papis Loveday (44) moved back to the luxurious Big Planet. Ballermann queen Melanie Müller (33), ex-handball player Eric Sindermann (33), kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34) and Ina dived back into the narrow space station.

There it was then primarily about hygiene issues, because, among other things, apparently not every roommate takes a shower every day. Washing the underwear is also a challenge for some gentlemen of creation. To pass the time, games such as hitting the pot were played and the men and women gossiped about each other separately. Among other things, Eric and Danny admitted that they liked Ina – not knowing that her husband, of all people, was a guest in the studio and overheard the conversation.

Ina’s family is so excited

When the moderation duo Marlene Lufen (50) and Jochen Schropp (42) asked the former professional soccer player Dennis Aogo (34) how he thinks, he said: “I can understand it. There is really something about Danny,” it was with Eric rather the long time without a wife, speculates the Karlsruhe resident.

The family is apparently wholeheartedly behind the mother of two anyway. Because when Ina gave everything at the game on Tuesday, the Aogos looked like this: “We freaked out at home. We screamed and danced,” said Dennis proudly. Ina is a fighter with a lot of power and assertiveness. “She is also an extreme gut person, but not resentful,” he enthuses about her “beautiful character traits”.

The mud duel

The four Big Planet residents let reality star Daniela Büchner (43), influencer Payton Ramolla (21), Uwe and Danny from the space station play in the studio: They made it and got “power and responsibility”. The result: Payton and Paco had nomination protection.