“Celebrity Big Brother”: “Team Rafi” against “Team Melanie”

“Celebrity Big Brother”
“Team Rafi” against “Team Melanie”

Ina Aogo (left) and Rafi Rachek discuss with Daniela Büchner, space station newcomer Payton Ramolla is overwhelmed by the tense situation.

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On Tuesday evening, the “PBB” residents in the space station had to have strong nerves. Further discussions took place in a confined space.

Day five in the “Celebrity Big Brother” universe: The frosty atmosphere in the overcrowded space station continues. Still the biggest topic among the residents: The disputes between reality star Rafi Rachek (31) and Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33). Rachek accuses the 33-year-old of agreements before the “PBB” move in with ex-handball player and designer Eric Sindermann (33). In particular, Rachek’s rounding up the group with a saucepan to bring his allegations into the room and his abusive words to uninvolved candidates strike the residents. “With the pot alone, in a live broadcast, he sawed himself off”, Müller is sure. She has formed her “Team Melanie” with reality star Daniela Büchner (43) and Sindermann.

Even the otherwise so calm “farmer seeks wife” cult candidate Uwe Abel (51) has to struggle with the tensions in a confined space. Sindermann tries to comfort the weeping peasants who are in need of harmony. “I miss my homeland, my peace and quiet and my wife,” explains Abel, who also feels physically uncomfortable. The farmer later made it clear to Rachek: “Your argument took me away, I have to admit that. It was much more pleasant here before you came down here, I’ll be honest with you.” “The Bachelor” but not winner Mimi Gwozdz (27) is also annoyed by the brawlers and hopes that the group will “mix up” again. With Ina Aogo (32), “retired player”, she (still) forms “Team Rafi”.

The two teams also get involved in smaller discussions again and again: “I’m really annoyed, I could explode. I wanted to be calm on this show, now I’m at 5,500! I’m seething!” Explains Danni Büchner and turns around to Aogo: “It’s not funny, you’ve recovered for three days, then you come down here and complain. Melanie has been down here for six days.” The space station newbies, influencer chick Payton Ramolla (21), super dealer Paco Steinbeck (46) and top model Papis Loveday (44) are overwhelmed by the various constellations and still have to decide on a side.

First duel between the two worlds and a brief reunion

The moderators Marlene Lufen (50) and Jochen Schropp (42) invite you to the first duel between the two worlds after the exciting hours in the live show. Büchner, Sindermann, Ramolla and Abel can move small spaceships more skillfully with their noses and are allowed to go to the Big Planet. The previous residents, lotto fair legend Heike Maurer (68), kickboxing world champion Marie Lang (34), TV icon Jörg Draeger (75) and playmate of the century Gitta Saxx (56) “have to” go to the cramped space station. Draeger thinks the move is less bad, and apparently even intends to do so. “We wanted to lose to be with you,” he explains soap actor Danny Liedtke (31). But the joy of seeing each other is only brief: it’s not just the game that throws the worlds together, the spectators also get involved. You decide by voting that Danny Liedtke and Melanie Müller are allowed to go into the more glamorous area.

On Wednesday (8:15 pm on Sat.1 and on Joyn) the first big decision will be made: The first participant will officially have to leave the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and will see planet earth again.