“Celebrity Big Brother”: That’s why two celebrities have their bald heads shaved

“Celebrity Big Brother”
That’s why two celebrities have their bald heads shaved

Melanie Müller no longer looks like this in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

© SAT.1

You could see it in the “Celebrity Big Brother” show on Friday, at least Melanie Müller suddenly went bald. That is the reason.

Anyone who closely followed the TV show “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1) on Friday evening will not have missed the fact that Ballermann star Melanie Müller (33) was seen at some point with a bald head that she half-heartedly under the hooded shirt has hidden. Why she parted with her blonde hair will be shown in the broadcast on Saturday (August 21, from 10:15 p.m.). Let me tell you in advance: There is a simple reason.

Hair vs. party

Big Brother wanted to know how far celebs would go for a big party. When the residents of the Big Planet and Space Station deliver a total of 35 grams of their own hair, he throws a big party for everyone – that’s the task.

Melanie then confided in super dealer and bald wearer Paco Steinbeck (46). He shaved her bald head too. She then asked the others to do the same. “Danny you still have sackcloth hair, then cut it off!”, Says Melanie. But he didn’t do anything by halves either, followed suit and shaved a bald head. TV icon Jörg Draeger (75) thought it was “cool” and also donated a few strands of his main hair and hair from other parts of the body for the collecting bowl.

After everyone in the space station participated – in different variations – a total of 83 grams of celebrity hair landed on the scales … Let the party come!