“Celebrity Big Brother”: Will about four bald people contest the final?

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Are about four bald people contesting the final?

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Finalist Melanie Müller makes her competitor Uwe Abel a shear offer.

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Three of the four “Celebrity Big Brother” finalists are already bald. Only not Uwe Abel. Can he resist Melanie Müller’s offer to shear?

Three of the four finalists of the TV show “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1) are already running across the Big Planet without their heads. Top model and fashion entrepreneur Papis Loveday (44) has already moved in bald. Ballermann Queen Melanie Müller (33) and actor Danny Liedtke (31) shaved their hair off a week ago for a party reward. Only “Bauer sucht Frau” star Uwe Abel (51) still wears hair.

Does Melanie Uwe give a bald head or not?

A few hours before the grand finale on Friday evening, the singer sat up in front of the TV farmer with a long hair cutter and asked him: “Are you sure, Uwe? Uwe, look at me! You are sure, no!” Then he grins in typical Uwe manner: “Nope, but it doesn’t matter!” Then she throws the hair clipper on … It is still unclear whether the farmer with heart has really caught up with his competition and will also compete topless in the final.

Who will emerge as the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021 and who will win the prize money of 100,000 euros, will decide this Friday (August 27) from 8:15 pm live on Sat.1 – and whether Uwe is now bald even.