Celebrity survey: which stars make resolutions?


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Which stars make resolutions?

Elena Uhlig has not made resolutions for a long time.

© imago images / Sven Simon

New year, new resolutions? Stars like Elene Uhlig and André Rieu stopped doing this years ago.

Starting the new year ambitiously is one of the most popular traditions at the turn of the year. But does that even make sense? Stars like Elena Uhlig (45) or André Rieu (71) have long since stopped, as they reveal on the news spot.

Just no resolutions

Actress Elena Uhlig: "We haven't made resolutions for a long time. The best plan fails with the first contact with the enemy."

Star violinist David Garrett (40): "If I want to change something, I change it immediately. That's why I never do anything special for the New Year."

Star violinist André Rieu: "I never make resolutions. If I want to change something, I do it immediately. 40 years ago I wanted to quit smoking, so I just put my cigarette out and never smoked it. A few years ago I decided not to To drink more wine. I threw away the half-full glass and never drank it again. I am convinced that it is better for my health. "

It's the thought that counts

Ex- "Prince Charming" Nicholas Puschmann (29): "Every year I break the resolution that I want to eat consistently healthy. It's really an up and down. I have not yet found my formula for a good balance. It oscillates For me it is still too much up and down. If I decide at the beginning of the year: 'This year will be the fit year anyway', it will last two or three months and then the frozen pizza will taste quite good again. "

Singer Annett Louisan (43): "I want to record a new album and it will be the most impressive of all! I also want to get my driver's license and even more to be who I really am."

Singer Heinz Rudolf Kunze (64): "That everything has to get better. And that shouldn't really be an art, as stupid as it was this year."

Courage for the gap

Comedian Matze Knop (46): "2021, if it happens, will be a year for me that has the motto" Courage to take a gap ". That means, one must or may, in order to be happy, sometimes just be one leave out a few things. Why should you always empty the dishwasher right away? You can just use the same plate over and over and the dishwasher will just stay off. Or at football, our national coach. He shows that when you set up " Mut zur Lücke "is unsuccessful, but it is also kind to the renowned players. Such a Thomas Müller shines in a completely new light since he was overlooked by Jogi. And that's why I go on tour with exactly this program title. Yes well … my big tooth gap certainly plays a certain role in the title. "