Celebs under palm trees: What does Janine Pink think about ex-boyfriend Tobias Wegener today?

This Wednesday (March 25th) a new reality TV show starts on Sat.1 (from 8:15 p.m.): In "Celebs under the palm trees – I do everything for money!" move together, among others, Matthias Mangiapane (36), Désirée Nick (63), Ronald Schill (61), Bastian Yotta (43) and Carina Spack (23) to a luxury villa and fight in games for a prize money of 100,000 euros. The former "Celebrity Big Brother" dream couple Janine Pink (32) and Tobias Wegener (26) also meet in the program. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Janine Pink reveals how the reunion with her ex-boyfriend was and who fondled most in the villa.

What motivated you to take part in "celebrities under palm trees"?

Janine Pink: Thailand, sun, adventure – what else do I have to say? That was quickly decided for me. After "Celebrity Big Brother" I wanted to experience more TV adventures like this. So I had a really good feeling and I accepted early. What appealed to me was that this format had never existed before. So you got involved with something completely new and unknown. I found that extremely exciting. I love to travel very much and see new worlds. I've never been to Thailand before.

The games, the surveillance or the roommates – what was the biggest challenge at the show?

Pink: I think that in such formats the roommates are always the biggest challenge. You never know which group you get into and what the dynamics are like. I need caregivers with whom I can have fun and who I can trust. With so many candidates, there should always be someone there. If not, the whole thing can also be a very lengthy challenge.

How was everyday life in the villa?

Pink: You were woken up early in the morning. Yotta and a couple of people did the Miracle Morning. I then had breakfast a little later. It wasn't mine. Then there were games and in the evening we cooked together and sat on the beach. There was also a pool that was well attended. I've always tried to sleep early. But in the evening we always talked for a long time and exchanged ideas.

Ronald Schill has already announced in an interview that viewers will see the "scraps fly". Who was the biggest troublemaker in the house?

Pink: Ronald is right, there were lots of rags. I always try to stay out of something like that. But candidates have partially poisoned each other – my goodness. For me there was no one troublemaker now. Everyone reacts in their own way and can knock on the table. Of course Ronald, Matthias or Désirée are extreme characters with a certain ego. Then they are not put back in arguments.

You met your ex-boyfriend Tobias Wegener on the show. Wasn't that a problem for you?

Pink: I couldn't choose it. Of course I would have wished otherwise. But I'm someone who always tries to make the best of everything. I am not a contentious person.

After the breakup, they accused him of not being serious. Do you still stand by it today?

Pink: Yes, there are no two opinions for me.

How was the first meeting with him in the villa?

Pink: It wasn't too bad for me because I'm over the whole thing. But it was a little strange.

You recently dropped the covers for "Playboy". What were the reactions to it and do you regret it?

Pink: I got a lot of positive reactions. Why regret I have fulfilled a dream. That matters to me, not what others say. The "Playboy" stands for beautiful erotic photos. The brand has a certain charm and always evokes positive associations in me.

How do you experience the current corona situation?

Pink: Sure you think a lot and read a lot. But I'm trying not to let myself go crazy. I want to lead by example and stay at home, yes. Now everyone is asked to (s) contribute to contain the pandemic.