Celeste Barber is kidding influencers – and thrills millions with it

Self-presentation on Instagram
She makes fun of influencers – and inspires millions with it

The influencers show, Celeste Barber imitates – and shows a lot of humor!


Australian comedian and mother Celeste Barber regularly targets the bizarre poses of the most famous influencers on Instagram.

Shopping in underwear? This absurd staging is normal on Instagram – but what would that look like in everyday life? Comedy star Celeste Barber has tried it and inspires everyone who sometimes frowns in amazement while scrolling through Instagram.

Celeste Barber holds the mirror up to influencers

Whether shopping in underwear, wallowing in the mud or unusual yoga poses – eight million subscribers watch as Celeste recreates the iconic postings of the Instagram models as the “normal” – and she does not shy away from poses, no matter how unfavorable. You can see how funny the whole thing is in the video!

Source used: instagram.com