Celine Dion ill, her sister Claudette remains optimistic: “She has incredible morale”

An expected return. On the occasion of the sixth edition of the show Christmas a tradition in song, Claudette Dion is preparing to reconnect with the public with the title The snow of my country. This Friday, November 24, to promote this new tour, Céline Dion’s sister spoke with an open heart in the pages of Montreal Journal. During the exchange, the 74-year-old singer notably revealed that she wouldn’t be able to spend the holiday season with her younger sister. Despite everything, this does not prevent them from exchanging regularly. “I’m quite busy. But we spoke recently, she has incredible moralesaid Claudette Dion, referring to Céline’s illness.

As a reminder, the Quebec superstar was forced to put his career on hold because of a pathology that has made him suffer for more than two years: stiff person syndrome. For her part, Claudette Dion is hopeful that her younger sister will get back into shape. “I’m crossing my fingers, but I am convinced that they will find something to cure this disease. Since it’s very rare, there weren’t many researchers working on this; but thanks to [Céline Dion]there are more who are looking for a cure”she indicated, before concluding: “I think, in a sense, Céline will help save the lives of many people who suffer from it.

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Claudette Dion: “She really has the joy of living”

On October 18, Claudette Dion had already spoken about Céline’s illness, rregretting the many rumors circulating on social networks and in the media. “She is not depressed at all, on the contrary, she really has the joy of living”she assured during an exchange with information site Showbizz.net. “Why are they going there? Why do they say she’s in a wheelchair? Why do they say she had cancer? Why are you inventing? It’s not that” she said, furious, before concluding: “Don’t make up stories to hurt people.”

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